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Glory Origin and Meaning

The name Glory is a girl's name .

Glory sounds fresh and uplifting and a lot more modern than Gloria (which is definitely feeling the stirrings of a revival, though some might still view it as a terminal Old Lady name). Glory, as in "Glory Be" and "Old Glory," has both a religious and a patriotic flavor.

Glory Popularity

Glory in Pop Culture

  • Glorycharacter in Marilynne Robinson's novel "Gilead"
  • "Glory" 1989 film
  • GloryUma Thurman's character in the film "Mad Dog and Glory"
  • "glory" song by JAYZ
  • Glorycharacter on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
  • "Glory" Academy Award,winning song from the movie "Selma" by John Legend and Common
  • "Glory" character in the video game Fallout 4