Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

Unique dog names go beyond Rex and Rover.

Creative dog names are becoming as coveted as unique baby names. Pet parents want their puppies to have distinctive names, so they stand out everywhere from the dog park to the groomer's.

What are unique dog names?

Dog names have to be short — ideally two syllables — and easily comprehendable. That means names that sound like commands, such as Kit, which rhymes with "sit," or Shay ("stay"), are off limits.

But there are plenty of unique names still available for your pooch! Here, 200+ unique dog names to inspire you:

Unique Girl Dog Names

Unique girl dog names are more unusual than Bella and Luna.

You might substitute unique girl names such as Zadie and Darcy for traditional female dog names like Sadie and Daisy. Or choose a name that reflects your interests or personality (or that of your dog), such as Banksy, Joplin, or Poet.

One of these unique female dog names might be perfect for your pup:

Unique Boy Dog Names

Unique boy dog names can also speak to your identity, whether you play the Banjo, drink Bourbon, or are a Hitchcock aficianado.

And, of course, everyone loves old man names on dogs. Some of the best under-the-radar options include Norman, Eugene, and Seymour.

If you're looking for unique male dog names, try one of the following on your dog:

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