Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

Unique dog names go beyond Rex and Rover.

Creative dog names are becoming as coveted as unique baby names. Pet parents want their puppies to have distinctive names, so they stand out everywhere from the dog park to the groomers.

What are unique dog names?

Dog names have to be short — ideally two syllables — and easily comprehendible. That means names that sound like commands, such as Kit, which rhymes with "sit," or Shay ("stay"), are off-limits.

But there are plenty of unique girl dog names and unique boy dog names still available for your pooch! Here, 100+ dog names to inspire you:

Unique Nature Names for Dogs

Nature names like Lily and Bear top the charts for dogs. Try Petal or Jaguar for something more inspired.

Unique Nicknames for Dogs

Nicknames are great for dog names because they are short and easy to understand. Options off the beaten path include Hubie, Milou, and Renzo.

Unique Vintage Names for Dogs

Pet parents love to use old-fashioned names for their dogs such as Sadie and Winston. Unique choices include vintage names that are currently stylish for babies, like Sylvie and Cosmo, along with so-uncool-they're-cool names (for dogs, that is) like Enid and Seymour.

Unique Word Names for Dogs

You probably know dogs named Princess and Bandit, but have you ever met pups called Poet and Banjo?

Unique Hero Names for Dogs

Beloved heroes inspire top dog names such as Marley and Kobe. Uncommon hero names for dogs include those of modern famous figures, such as Winfrey and Joaquin, along with ancient namesakes like Sappho and Rollo.

Unique Character Names for Dogs

Dogs are great candidates to wear character names that you love, but may not be brave enough to use on your children. Rare options include Finnick, Kermit, and Zelda.

Unique Place Names for Dogs

Place names are stylish for babies and dogs. Baja, Harlem, and Rio are among the undiscovered cool names for pups.

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