Irish, variant of Diarmaid/Dermot
"free man"

Kermit Origin and Meaning

The name Kermit is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "free man".

Kermit was a Top 500 name until the 1960s, not coincidentally the decade in which Kermit the Frog became well known, proving that it isn't easy being green, even for a name. But we think it's time for some of those appealing Sesame Street names--Kermit, Elmo, Grover--to be taken out of that context and be considered on their own.

Historically, Kermit is known via Kermit Roosevelt, soldier and explorer son of President Theodore Roosevelt.

And if you're still not convinced, you can consider Dermot.

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Kermit Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Kermit Popularity

Famous People Named Kermit

  • Kermit Rooseveltson of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
  • Kermit "Kim" RooseveltJr., American CIA analyst; grandson of the president
  • Kermit Roosevelt IIIAmerican academic and author; great,grandson of the president
  • Kermit RuffinsAmerican jazz trumpeter
  • Kermit MaynardAmerican actor and stuntman
  • Kermit CintronPuerto Rican boxer
  • Kermit Alan WashingtonAmerican basketball player
  • Kermit Ernest Hollingshead LoveAmerican Muppet puppeteer
  • Kermit WeeksAmerican aviator
  • Kermit MurdockAmerican actor
  • Kermit Romeo ErasmusSouth African footballer
  • Kermit Millard ZarleyJr., American golfer

Kermit in Pop Culture

  • Kermit the FrogMuppet character
  • Kermitminor character on TV's "Shameless"
  • "Kermit the Hermit" children's book about a crab by Bill Peet
  • KermitItalian greyhound of Youtuber Jenna Marbles