Diminutive of Jones, English surname derived from John
"God is gracious"

Jonesy Origin and Meaning

The name Jonesy is a boy's name of English origin meaning "God is gracious".

It's difficult to imagine anyone using the first name Jonesy -- and in fact, in the most recent US tally, there were nearly 100 babies named Jones but none named Jonesy. Still, this is a name that many people with Jones for a name, last or first, end up being known by, and as a nickname, it's sorta cute in a Skip, Chip, Bitsy kind of way.

Famous People Named Jonesy

  • Jesper "Jonesy" KydDanish video game composer

Jonesy in Pop Culture

  • Jonesycharacter on TV's "Carnivàle"
  • Evan 'Jonesy' Jonescharacter on Australian TV's "Blue Heelers"
  • Gary Ambrose 'Jonesy' Jonescharacter in Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher"
  • Jonesy Hechtcharacter in movie "All That Jazz"
  • Jonesyship's cat in movie "Alien"
  • Jonesy Garciacharacter on animated series "6teen"
  • JonesyBritish progressive rock band
  • Coraline "Jonesy" Jonescharacter in the movie "Coraline"
  • Jonesy (female)character in comic "Jonesy" by Caitlin Rose Boyle and Sam Humphries

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