"noble friend, friend of the elves"

Alvin Origin and Meaning

The name Alvin is a boy's name of English origin meaning "noble friend, friend of the elves".

Alvin has a sturdy, no-frills sound that belies its somewhat whimsical meaning. Interesting potential namesakes include British rocker Alvin Stardust, and US footballer Alvin Williams, and African-American dance legend (and activist) Alvin Ailey.

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Alvin Popularity

Famous People Named Alvin

  • Alvin LustigModernist Designer
  • Alvin LucierComposer
  • Alvin Nathaniel JoinerAmerican rapper
  • Alvin Adamsearly 19th century businessman
  • Alvin AileyAfrican American choreographer and activist
  • Alvin Boyd Kuhnreligious scholar
  • Alvin Cheunggraphic designer who worked on stop,motion claymated television series Pingu.
  • Alvin DarkMajor League Baseball player and manager
  • Alvin DavisMajor League Baseball player
  • Alvin GoldmanAmerican philosopher
  • Alvin Hallfinancial adviser, author and TV presenter
  • Alvin HarrisonAmerican Olympic gold medal runner
  • Alvin P. HoveyAmerican Civil War general, Indiana supreme court justice, congressman, and governor of Indiana
  • Alvin Karpisnoted American criminal and "public enemy"
  • Alvin KraenzleinAmerican athlete, four time gold medalist at the 1900 Paris Olympics
  • Alvin Langdon Coburnphotographer
  • Alvin Leeborn Graham Barnes, guitarist and singer
  • Alvin MartinEnglish footballer
  • Alvin Plantingaphilosopher
  • Alvin RobertsonNBA basketball player
  • Alvin Saundersgovernor of Nebraska Territory and later U.S. Senator from Nebraska
  • Alvin Stardustborn Bernard Jewry, English pop singer
  • Alvin Tofflerwriter and futurist
  • Alvin C. Yorkfamous World War I soldier, Medal of Honor awardee
  • Alvin Soura PandeyBangladeshi Audio Engineer
  • Alvinone of many pseudonyms of Ken Laszlo, Eurobeat vocalist

Alvin in Pop Culture

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (which includes Simon and Theodore)
  • Alvin Kershcharacter from "The X Files"
  • Alvinfrom movie "ParaNorman"
  • Alvincrater on Mars
  • AlvinCanadian Standardbred racehorse
  • 13677 Alvinasteroid
  • DSV Alvindeep,submergence vehicle
  • Alvinfictional planet on ALF (TV series)
  • Alvin the Treacherousvillain in the "How to Train Your Dragon" book series and the "Riders of Berk" TV series
  • Alvin Desmond aka Doctor Alchemycharacter on TV's "The Flash"