The Latest Starbaby Names

The Latest Starbaby Names

By CaraMichelle

There was an exceptionally long list of new starbabies born in July, and here is CaraMichelle’s comprehensive rundown.

Among the highest profile arrivals were Charlize Theron‘s daughter August, Sophie B. Hawkins’s Esther Ballantine, Brandon and Leah Jenner’s Eva James (a middle name increasingly worn by girls), Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross‘s daughter Jagger Snow, Macklemore’s Sloane Ava Simone, Jeff Goldblum’s Charlie Ocean, and Jaime King‘s Leo Thames.

Of particular interest were the cheerful greeting name Aloha, the boyish Bennie Sue to Joss Whedon’s brother Jed, musical word name Song, place name Capri, and Megan Alexander‘s choice of Catcher, named after a character in the movie Down With Love.

And here’s Cara‘s complete list:


Eliza and Camilla, sisters of Amelie and Scarlett (Matt and Rachel Thistlethwaite)

James Robert Frederick, Jr. and Andrew Kulbir, brothers of Lavinia (Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt)


Aaliyah Lillie, sister of Josh and Jacob (Charlie and Alana Mulgrew)

Alina Pavlovna, sister of Pavel, Jr. (Pavel and Alina Bure)

Aloha Von, sister of AkiAnne and Ryumi (f) (Candice Michelle and Ken Gee Ehrlich)

Amina, sister of Ali (m) and Mikail (Leyla Aliyeva)

Anastasia (Tatiana Golovin and Hugo Bonneval)

Ariah Talea, sister of Aden (Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adam Housley)

Athena Mori (Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia)

August, sister of Jackson (Charlize Theron)

Ava Kristeen, sister of Riley (m) (Jordan and Mandy Zimmermann)

Bennie Sue (Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon)

Bodhi Jameson Rein, sister of Cassius, Landon, Bobby, Bobbi Kristina, and LaPrincia (Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheredge)

Capri, sister of Lia (Cesc Fabregas and Daniella Semaan)

Dafne (Derval O’Rourke and Peter O’Leary)

Ellie Jade, sister of Lyle (Nikkole Paulun and Ryan Rice)

Esther Ballantine, sister of Dashiell (Sophie B. Hawkins)

Eva James (Brandon and Leah Jenner)

Franki, sister of Olivia (Travis Varcoe)

Isla Rose, sister of Xavier (Emma Seibold and Matt Kane)

Izabel, sister of Valentina (Carolina Ferraz and Marcelo Marins)

Jaelyn Zoria, sisters of Jocelyn and Jayda (Ebony Jackson and James Baldrick)

Jagger Snow, sister of Bronx (Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross)

Janelle (DJ Neptune)

Jetaime (Snejana and Jon Urbin)

Jolena Iva Elizabeth (Betsy and Allen Yoder)

Kairo Owethu (AKA and DJ Zinhle)

Layla Monroe, sister of Landon (Devon Broyles and Eric Robinson)

Mathilda (Dichen Lachman and Max Osinski)

Meredith Grace, sister of Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus (Josh and Anna Duggar)

Myah (Sam Woosnam and Alex Vanrenen)

Mya Kate (Moses and Maddy Mbye)

Nadezhda (Zoya Berber and Aleksandr Sineguzov)

Olivia, sister of Yelisey (Anastasiya Kuzmina and Daniel Kuzmin)

Polly Gladys (Lucy Durack and Christopher Horsey)

Reese Ann ( Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat)

Ryan Carson, sister of Riley (f) (Stephen and Ayesha Curry)

Scarlett (Brad Keselowski and Paige White)

Sloane Ava Simone (Macklemore and Tricia Davis Haggerty)

Song Eleanor, sister of Tarz (Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen)

Sunday, sister of Jamie (f), and Grace (David Walsh and Kirsha Kaechele)

Willa Emerson, sister of Oliver (James and Jacqueline Snyder)

Zelda Violet (Emma Bloomberg and Chris Frissora)


Abraham Benjamin III (AB and Danielle De Villiers)

Ace Roman, brother of Raff (Thomas Varmaelen and Polly Parsons)

Adrian Eli, brother of Kylee (Cleondra Carter)

Ayrton (Julien and Karen Benneteau)

Baxter Frankie (Hayley Bateup and April Zekulich)

Braden James, brother of Jordan (m) (Kristi Gordon and Paul Klawer)

Brady Ocean, brother of Tyler (m), Summer, and Cheyenne (Marc Terenzi and Myriel Brechtel)

Bryce Harper, brother of Rylan (Kayla Jordan)

Carter (Lloyd and Maddi Wright)

Casper Hayes (Marguerite Moreau and Christopher Redman)

Catcher Brian, brother of Chace (Megan Alexander and Brian Cournoyer)

Charlie Ocean (Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston Goldblum)

Dante Ernesto (Teresa and Brandon Dufour)

Dashiell King (Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc)

Flynn Patrick (Sean and Tanya Maguire)

Holt Fisher, brother of Harper (f) (Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith)

Hugo Clifton (Katherine Schmidhofer and Chris Jeffrey)

Jack (Robert Whittacker)

Jayden, brother of Joey (m) (Joseph and Adaeze Yobo)

Jennings Tyler, brother of Ricki (f) (Emily Maynard and Tyler Johnson)

Jett Rhoades, brother of Johanna (Anne Craig)

Kie (Anika Larsen and Freddie Maxwell)

Koltyn Murphy (Kiptyn Locke and Samm Murphy)

Leo Thames, brother of James Knight (Jaime King and Kyle Newman)

Lev, brother of Makar and Vasilisa (Sasha Zvereva and Dmitry Almazov)

Logan Marc (Lisa and Lenny Hochstein)

Luigi Colombo, brother of Giorgio (Sarah Blackwood and Gianni Luminati)

Lyon, brother of Press (f) (Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie)

Maxel (Matt Hardy and Reby Sky)

Monty Rex (Amber Halliday and Mello Bouwmeester)

Philipp Hubertus Andreas Christian, brother of Katharina (Hereditary Prince Hubertus and Hereditary Princess Kelly of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha)

Phoenix Koa (Kylie Lovejoy and Brendan Wright)

Phoenix Sky, brother of Mekhai (A.J. Cook and Nathan Andersen)

Samuel (Karen Igho Rakos and Yaroslav Rakos)

Sean Fionn (Timothy V. Murphy and Caitlin Manley)

Terrance, brother of Kingston (Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo)

Theodore Winston James (Trevor and Olivia Plouffe)

Tom Laurence (Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy)

Tucker Christian (Damon Scott and Erin Richard)

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