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Colorful Crayon Names


Most of us, as kids, lived in a world colored by crayons, and for those of us fascinated by words and names, those assigned to the different hues in the big 64-crayon Crayola box were particularly evocative.  I can still remember, as a little girl,  being intrigued by such mysterious names as Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber.

These memories were reawakened by a communique from our inspired creative contributor Nephele, when she wrote:

“Perhaps one of the fondest childhood memories shared by many of us is that of opening up a fresh box of crayons.  What a joy to the senses it was to experience that clean scent of wax and the beautiful sight of those colorful rows of pointed tips awaiting one’s creative process.  Adding to the delight was the fact that one’s crayons bore wonderful individual names on their wrappers, such as “Periwinkle” and “Cadet Blue.”  With such names, how could a child not help but personify her crayon friends?

‘Crayola’ was synonymous with ‘crayon’  in my childhood days, as it pretty much is today.  The bonus for today’s children is that the Crayola company now includes, along with English, both French and Spanish language versions of their crayon names on the wrappers of each crayon–providing even more name choices for one’s crayon companions!”

Here is Nephele’s list of crayon names which might also make pleasing names, with a few additions by Nameberry:

ALMENDRA (Spanish, “Almond“)





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Maybe there are certain kinds of names that you really like–flower or color names, say, or virtue names– but you’re reluctant to use one of the more obvious examples, the epidemically popular ones, attractive though they may be.  Well, there’s no reason you have to limit yourself to those few; more and more parents are digging deeper into those appealing categories and coming up with  newer sounding choices.

Take flower names. If you want to move beyond Rose, Daisy, Lily and even Poppy and Violet, you might consider these more exotic blooms that are beginning to come into their own:





IRIS (not exotic, but long neglected)







Similarly with gems–Ruby, Crystal and Jade aren’t the only jewels in the case.  Consider:








And speaking of Turquoise, there are also some richly hued colors beyond Scarlet and Siena:

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Middle Name Rose: Is The Bloom Off?

Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it: There are now officially enough little girls with the middle name Rose.

I can hear the screams of protest and wails of anguish already.  But Rose is my grandmother’s name! Rose goes perfectly with my favorite first name!  I’ve been planning to use the middle name Rose forever!

Well, go ahead, then.  It’s a perfectly lovely name, warm and feminine yet not overly assertive, making the ideal bridge between first name and last.

But so many thousands of parents have used it over the past decade that it’s become the Ann, the Marie, the Sue of the new millennium.  Consider the celebrity babies alone with the middle name Rose:

AIDAN ROSE – Faith Daniels

ALABAMA GYPSY ROSEDrea de Matteo & Shooter Jennings



DOLLY REBECCA ROSERebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell

EMERSON ROSE – Teri Hatcher

ESTHER ROSE – Ewan McGregor

JOHNNIE ROSE – Melissa Etheridge

LAEL ROSE – Tamia & Grant Hill

LUCKY ROSE – Cedric the Entertainer

MAGGIE ROSE – Jon Stewart

SERAPHINA ROSE – Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Sylvester Stallone gave all THREE of his young daughters Rose as a middle name.

What we’re saying: Enough Roses already, at least in the middle.  In fact, Rose and Rosa and Rosamund and Rosemary and Rosalia are far from over-exposed as first names, so a fresher move might be to use one of them in first place and choose something with more individual character as a middle name.

Do you agree?  Tell us what you think:

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