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by Anna Otto of Waltzing More Than Matilda

Since I started a name blog a couple of years ago, I have learned of many new and unique baby names. Here is a small selection of some that I never knew existed until recently, and have seen on real people (mostly babies).  Most of them are rarely found on baby name sites. I’ve only included vocabulary names when I didn’t know the word existed before seeing it used as a personal name.


Athanasia: A Greek name meaning “immortal, deathless”. Saint Athanasia was an 8th century saint, and according to tradition, a star settled over her heart as a sign of her enlightenment.

Elif (eh-LEEF): A Turkish name based on Alif, the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. Because the letter is just a thin stroke of the pen, the name has connotations of slenderness and is sometimes translated that way. Due to folk etymology, it can also be understood as “demure, coy”.

Jinty: A Scottish pet form of Janet.

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The question of the week is:

Is there a name that to you seems to have everything going for it and yet hasn’t caught on?  Do you have a theory as to why it’s been neglected?  Maybe it’s a Nameberry fave that outsiders haven’t discovered or maybe it’s your own personal pleasure (guilty or not).

Is it part of a whole category of names that you consider underrated?

Or is it a name that you think has been misjudged–for all the wrong reasons–and that you’re willing to make a case for here and now?

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