21 Brand-New Nature Names

21 Brand-New Nature Names

Nature names for baby girls and baby boys are trending in a big way right now. Along with popular picks like Lily and River, more daring choices such as Fox and Onyx are climbing swiftly up the popularity charts.

But there are many more brand-new undiscovered nature names for babies that we’ve recently added to the Nameberry’s ever-growing database.

Here are our freshest unique baby names, for name-lovers, nature-lovers and expectant parents keen to discover new choices.

True Nature Names

About half of our collection of brand-new nature names come right out and state their connection to the natural world. These unique choices reference the natural world from the sky to under the ground.

Cinder — Ember is hot, Ash is cool… but how about Cinder? If you can get past the Cinderella association, this sweet yet sparky name is actually bang on trend. Bonus: the cute retro nicknames Cici and Cindy.

Dill — A cheery short form of Dillon, a literary name belonging to a Mockingbird character, and also an herb name that feels fresher than Basil or Sage.

Lupin — We added Lupin for a boy last year, with its fashionable two-syllable, n-ending shape and noble Harry Potter namesake. But in the age of Aspen, Eden and Rowan, we think this quirky flower name would make a lovely choice for either sex.

Nimbus — Another nature name made familiar by Harry Potter is Nimbus, which refers to a thick, opaque type of raincloud, and comes complete with the cute nickname Nim. Another appealing cloud name new to Nameberry is Cirrus, used by a British cloudspotter for his daughter, but equally suitable for a boy.

Redwood — Known for being a giant of the forest, Redwood is a big name to live up to. But it blends three fashionable categories right now: nature-inspired, surname-style, and aspirational names for boys — and he could always be Red, Woody, or even plain old Ed for short.

Snapdragon — Middle name material for all but the very boldest of baby namers, Snapdragon is a fun floral option with fire in the belly!

Sunset — Sweet Sunny is a starbaby favorite: used by actors Adam Sandler and Summer Glau, TV commentator Brian Stelter, and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea for their daughters. Sunset would make for an unexpected long form with a gentle golden glow.

Tungsten — That “ston” ending sound is huge right now: just look at Easton, Weston, Austin, Kingston, Preston. Tungsten — the name of the strongest metal on Earth — fits right in. Its common name, Wolfram, also feels fiercely on trend.

Vetiver — An energetic -er ending name with all the verve and vivacity of that fashionable V sound. Vetiver is an Indian grass plant used in aromatherapy to soothe and relax.

Yew — Several names related to the yew tree are already in popular usage, like Ewan, Eoghan/Owen, Ivo/Ivor and Yvonne. But Yew itself has never caught on as a first name, probably because of its similarity to the word “you”…or worse, ew. But we think it could make for a fantastic, fresh single-syllable middle, in place of the standard Rose, Grace or James.

Hidden Nature Names

These baby names keep their nature connection on the down-low, hidden in the meaning or in their language of origin. If you prefer your nature names subtle

Caelum — Coming from the Latin for “heaven”, Caelum bears more than a passing resemblance to charming Scottish choice Callum, which is rising fast. Pronounced “KYE-lum”, it’s also an innovative route to the cool nickname Cai.

Dunja — A relatively popular pick in several South Slavic countries, where it means “quince”. Dunja is also an alternative spelling of the Russian nickname Dunya, from Avodtya,“well-regarded”.

Juhi — Lovers of sweet, bohemian baby girl names like Joni, Rumi and Suki might like this light and lovely Sanskrit name, meaning “jasmine”.

Lilwen — Highly unusual even in its native Wales, Lilwen is one of the quaintest and quirkiest members of the fashionable family of names relating to the lily flower. But a Lilwen could also be Winnie or Wendy for short — adorable!

Meriwether — Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame is the best known bearer of this jaunty surname name, literally meaning “happy weather”. It was originally given to someone with an especially sunny temperament. One of Sleeping Beauty’s three fairy godmothers, along with Flora and Fauna, is Merryweather.

Miel — Pronounced “mee-EL”, this sweet little name comes from the French word for “honey”. From the same root as Pamela and Melissa, Miel could make an original honor name.

Orsu — We love bear-related names, from Arthur and Orson to Teddy and Rupert. Orsu is a unique option with an unconventional sound and shape, originating from the little Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Rozenn — This Breton form of Rose has a little more bite than the original, thanks to that zippy Z in the middle!

Sedna — A rare choice among mythological names for girls. Sedna is the name of the Inuit goddess of the sea, marine animals and the underworld certainly feels fresher than soundalike Edna. It’s also a celestial choice, belonging to a dwarf planet in the outer solar system with an atmosphere as frigid as Sedna‘s mythical home at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

Vivendel — Lovers of Vivien and its variants might like this vibrant Norwegian word name, with its unique sound and sweet meaning of “honeysuckle”.

Which is your favorite new nature name on Nameberry? What else would you like to see added? Let us know!

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