Zoltan Origin and Meaning

The name Zoltan is a boy's name of Hungarian origin meaning "sultan".

Though a common name in Hungary, the relatively rare Z sound is striking to English speakers. Penn Gillette used the Zolten spelling for his son; it was also the name of Dracula's dog, and was also a robotic character in Dude, Where's My Car?.

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Zoltan Popularity

Famous People Named Zoltan

  • Zoltan MeskoAmerican football player
  • Zoltan KodályHungarian composer, best known as the creator of the Kodály Method
  • Zoltan OvaryHungarian,American physician and immunology pioneer
  • Zoltan BathoryHungarian musician, guitar player for Five Finger Death Punch
  • Zoltan Penn JilletteSon of Penn Jillette

Zoltan in Pop Culture

  • Zoltan Grundybillionaire businessman and boarding school owner in the Disney sitcom "A.N.T. Farm".
  • Zolty
  • Zoltan Maraczekgruff owner of Maraczek's parfumerie in popular Broadway musical, "She Loves Me"