"twisted, coiled; in modern Hebrew - whale"

Leviathan Origin and Meaning

The name Leviathan is a boy's name of Hebrew/Israeli origin meaning "twisted, coiled; in modern Hebrew - whale".

Leviathan was a name given to 76 boys in the USA in 2021. It makes a rather unusual Biblical choice, being the name not of a man or angel, but of a sea monster. In literature and popular culture, the term Leviathan has since come to be used as a synonym for any gargantuan, monstrous creature or object (think of the bag in VEEP).

Before this meaning turns parents-to-be off, the term leviathan in modern Hebrew simply means whale, making this a great choice for parents looking for an unusual nature name.

Leviathan Popularity

Leviathan in Pop Culture

  • LeviathanStudent in the School For Good and Evil series by Soman Chainani