November 2015 Starbabies: Maxima, Saylor and Armie

November 2015 Starbabies: Maxima, Saylor and Armie

Once again, the amazing CaraMichelle has searched far and wide to put together this comprehensive international list of Hollywood, European and Internet royalty.  Some observations:

Though introduced as simply Max, little Ms. Zuckerberg actually has the much more imposing full name of Maxima.  Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler joined the ranks of naval-naming parents with the variously spelled Saylor, while Cam Gigandet went for another branch of the Armed Services for daughter Armie .  Mike Myers followed the more unusual names of his first two kids, Spike and Sunday, with the more conventionally feminine Paulina for his third babe.  Melissa George chose Solal for her son–a name popular in France but unheard here.  Ice-T and Coco Austin completed the name of a fashion icon for daughter Chanel, and we also saw a rarely used Jewel name–Garnet.

Here’s CaraMichelle’s full list of November baby names used by celebrities:


Alexa Merivale (Justin Hemmes and Kate Fowler)

Alix Imagina Blanca Irmingard Maria (Hereditary Prince Alexander & Hereditary Princess Sarah of Isenburg)

Amber, sister of Timo (m) (Thomas De Gendt and Evelyn Tuytens)

Armie Heartly, sister of Everleigh and Rekker (Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geisendorff)

Ava Marie Grace (David Faustino and Lindsay Bronson)

Azurie Elizabeth (Kyrie Irving)

Blaise Royal, sister of Zion (m) and Kruse (f) (Ben and Julianna Zobrist)

Chanel Nicole (Ice-T and Coco Austin)

Dylan (Dan Wyllie and Shannon Murphy)

Elliot, sister of Charlie (m) (Brian and Emily Henderson)

Eloise Ann (John Popper and Jordan Auleb)

Garnet J., sister of Georgia (Mary Katharine Ham)

Hayden Dubose (Will Proctor and Ainsley Earhardt)

Hensley Jack (Andrew Sandubrae and Krystal Keith)

Indie Rose, sister of Archie (Trent and Wendy Frew)

Kelsey Lee (Michael and Kyly Clarke)

Lucia (Juan Cuadrado and Melissa Botero)

Lucy Adenil, sister of Dash (m) (Jason and Ellie Day)

Maria LetiziaZia (Jose Dantes and Marin Rivera)

Marlowe (Brick Stowell and Alanna Masterson)

Mathilda, sister of Carlotta, Caspar, and Casimir (Prince Constantin & Princess Friederike of Salm-Salm)

Matilda Brooke, sister of Cooper, Billy, and Jack (Jared Clarke and Brooke Janson)

Maxima (Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan)

Paulina Kathleen, sister of Spike and Sunday (f) (Mike and Kelly Myers)

Penelope (Graham Stark and Kathleen De Vere)

Remington MonroeRemi, sister of Aliannah and Aleeah (Corey and Miranda Simms)

Saylor James, sister of Camden (m) and Jaxon (Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari)

Sloane Ann Napier, sister of Storm (f) (Tom Williams and Rachel Gilbert)

Sofia, sister of Anna, Ivan, Pyotr, Alexander, and Gleb (Sergey Gorobchenko and Polina Nevzorova)

Tess, sister of Saar (f) (Johnny and Gerda Hoogerland)

Vivian Zoe (Rory and Stephanie Kockott)

Willow Kamila (Darius and Kayla Boyd)


Alfred William Henry (Dean and Sarah Mumm)

Anthony Joseph, brother of Dominic (Rob and Nicole Cesternino)

Archie Nicholas (George and Bec Douros)

Asher David (Josh and Becca Wilson)

Aston James (Jimmy and Nadia Bartel)

Benny Affio, brother of Dom (m) and Madison (f) (Troy and Sophia Barbagallo)

Bradford PowellFord (Bradford Bricken and Virginia Williams)

Denver Midnight, brother of Tracker (m) (Marcus Lush and Vanessa Underwood)

Harlen (Glenn Turner)

Hussein Mo, brother of Aisha, Amani, and Rhianna (Mo and Tania Farah)

Jacob, brother of Victoria and Lexie (Alex Burrows and Nancy Roy)

Jacob Christian Tien-U (Erik Tsou and Traci Harrison Tsou)

James Richard (David Lauren and Lauren Bush Lauren)

Jameson Jones Lee, brother of Natalia (Michelle Stafford)

Jerry (Dave Miller and Sarah Blasko)

Jesse, brother of Sonny, Kit (m), and Ray (m) (Richard Jones and Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

Kee Hau (Ng How Yue and Tin Pei Ling)

Marco, brother of Sergio (Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio)

Noah Lee, brother of Tobin (Archie Drury and Karolina Kurkova)

Robert James Stewart (Adam Giles and Phoebe Stewart)

Solal Samuel Glenn, brother of Raphael (Jean David Blanc and Melissa George)

Spurgeon Elliot (Ben and Jessa Seewald)

St. Julien Rembert, brother of Kensington (f) (Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis)

Tanner Lee (Sam Sheets and Kasey Kahne)

Valentino (Rui Costa and Carla Coelho)

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