Norwegian, Finnish, German, and Dutch variation of Timothy
"honoring God"

Timo Origin and Meaning

The name Timo is boy's name of German, Finnish origin meaning "honoring God".
Popular in its own right in Germany and definitely makes a more intriguing and grownup short form of the classic Timothy than Timmy or even Tim.

Timo Popularity

20 Names Similar to Timo

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Famous People Named Timo

  • Timo GlockGerman racing driver
  • Timo RäisänenSwedish musician
  • Timo RöttgerGerman footballer
  • Timo Jussi PenttiläFinnish architect
  • Timo SeppänenFinnish ice hockey player
  • Timo MaasGerman DJ
  • Timo BeermannGerman footballer

Timo in Pop Culture

  • Timo Mendescharacter from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe
  • Timo Proudgypsy boy character on the show The Finder