Newest Girl Babyberries: The 3rd Quarterly Report of 2013, from Ada to Xanthe

Newest Girl Babyberries: The 3rd Quarterly Report of 2013, from Ada to Xanthe

by Linda Rosenkrantz


I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer quantity, gorgeousness and wild originality of the names reported in the Birth Announcement forums for this third quarter of the year, from July through the end of September.  So overwhelmed, in fact, that I’m dividing the results into two separate blogs—one for the girls and one for the boys.

Not surprisingly, with this large number of names, there were more duplicates than ever.  Perennial NB fave Charlotte along with Phoebe were chosen three times, while the girls’ names picked twice were Alice, Annabel, Arabella, Daisy, Daphne, ElodieFrancine, Ivy, Luna, Nora, Penelope, Rory and Vivienne.

Most popular initial: A (surprise, surprise); most popular consonant initial: M

Most unusual middle name: Wildflower

Rae seems to be replacing Rose in the middle spot.

A bountiful bouquet of nature names includes Daisy, Fleur, Holly, Ivy, Juniper, Lake, Magnolia, Marigold, Moon, Primrose, Rose, Sage, and Willow

We did also notice an increase in international names, and a few more creative spellings than usual.

So here is the complete list of girl babyberries reported during this period—note some of the great sibsets!  Hope we didn’t miss any.

Ada Calla Elizabeth

Adelaide Plum, twin sister of George Everett

Adele, sister of William

Alba, sister of Ida

Alice, sister of Rebecca, Emil and Elias

Alice Margot, sister of Phillip Isaac

Alexandra Mia (‘Lexie’)

Alexandria (‘Lexi’) Nicole

Alexis Rae, sister of  Donovan Andrew

Amabel Artemis, twin of Felix Apollo, and sister of Milena and Rosalind

Analiese Riley, sister of Charlie, Seth and Gavin

Anna, sister of Hannes and Johan

Annabel Winter

Annabel, sister of Ezra Larsen, Cormac Joseph and Griffin Thomas

Annika Michele

Annistyn Juleigh, sister of Heavynn


Arabella Osceola

Avia Elizabeth, twin sister of Olivia Grace

Betsy Lucille, sister of Linus Matthew

Blythe Lavender

BobbyBelle, sister of Frankie-Luu

Brooklyn Rae

Bronwyn, sister of Alana, John, Riley, and Harrison

Callie Sage Eilonwy, sister of Everett Callan

Charlee Rae

Charlotte Elise

Charlotte Grace, sister of Eleanor Marie and Madelyn Sarah

Charlotte Susan, sister of Isabelle Crystal

Claire Elizabeth, sister of  Logan and Reid

Clara Beatrix, sister of Phaedra Noemi, Xandra Mae, and Malanie

Cleo Salome

Coretta  ‘CoraJuniper, sister of Savannah Harper and Miles Desmond

Daisy Grace

Daisy Madeline, sister of Amelie Clara

Daphne Evangeline

Daphne Valora

Deena Angel, twin sister of Marcel Julius

Delphine Roxy, sister of Monterey Riley

Djuna Celeste

Dorothy JoAnn (‘DJ’)

Eda, sister of Alvin

Eila Matilda Grace, twin of Sawyer Finnegan Zade

Eleanor Catherine, sister of Benjamin Alan

Eliana Lynn

Elke Clementine, sister of Lior Hugo

Ella, sister of Thilde

Elodie ‘Edy’ Anna

Elsie Quinn

Eris MaeAnn

Estrella Marlena, sister of Chandler, Quinton, Kolby, and Xavier

Evangeline Arielle

Evelyn Elizabeth, twin of Malcolm Edwin, sister of Miles Roland

Everdeen Rose, sister of Nirvana Kate

Faedra Elise, sister of Laikon Timothy

Faith Sienna

Felicia, sister of Oliver

Finley Makiya

Fiona Marie

Florence Meabh, sister of Gwendolyn Patricia and Lorraine Viveca

Francine Alouette Brielle

Francine Claire

Gemma Rae

Genevieve Lavinia

Greta Victoria, sister of Elena Caroline

Halle Regina, sister of Lucia Marie

Hedvig, sister of Idun

Heidi, sister of Timo

Helena Claire

Henrietta (‘Etta’) Ida Marie

Holly Anne

Ida, sister of Ellinor and Martin

Ilea, sister of Benicio and Zariah

Isla Moon, sister of Hudson

Islyn Carys

Ivy Anastasia

Ivy Emmanuel May, sister of Miles

Jane Magnolia Rose

January Anais Rose HarringtonArya

Jenna Marie, twin sister of Henry Thomas

Joline, sister of Emilia

Kate Amelia

Kendra, sister of Liam

Khourtni Carrington

Leah Marie Rose

Leia, sister of Luke

Leighlyn Rene

Lila Simone, twin of Theo Sullivan, sister of Emmett

Linn, sister of Olivia

Liqia, sister of Lucia, Lexia, Lyvia and Låmia

Lovisa, sister of Theodor

Lucia Juliet, sister of Daniel, Benjamin, Elijah, Isabelle and Raphaela

Lucille Matilda

Luna, sister of Ellie

Luna Ivy

Lux Juniper, triplet of Arden Lucy and Crew Maxwell

Lydia Jane, sister of Samuel “Sam” Elliot

Lyra Noelle

Mackenzie Jane

Madelene, sister of Amanda and Daniel

Madeline Juliet

Madalyn LeAnn, sister of Jason

Magnolia Rose, sister of Magdelayne, Mordakai, Moses, and Melisande.

Majken, sister of Isac and Nellie

Marigold, sister of Abraham, Sebastian, Malachi, Daisy, and Juniper

Marlena Carys Brooks, sister of Geneva Simone Dunbar

Mary Blythe

Maya, sister of Mira

Mayna Tahirih Rose, sister of Rayhan Rees

Megan Nicole, sister of Mason Shay and Maeve Josephine

Merida (‘Meri’) Marie

Mimmi, sister of Charlie

Minna, sister of Adrian

Nelly, sister of Ebba

Nola Valerie, twin of Rory Everett, sister of Arlo Tobin

Nora, sister of Julia and Zakariah

Nora, sister of Mathilda

Olivia Grace, twin sister of Avia Elizabeth

Paloma, sister of Beatrice Sarah

Penelope Lake

Penelope Marguerite

Perla, sister of Rocky

Philippa Winter, twin of Vivienne Gray

Phoebe Alysabeth, sister of Abigail Eden

Phoebe Isobel

Phoebe Ruth, sister of Lorelei Jane

Poet Wildflower Hecate, sister of Isolde Mauricette Marie Jose

Primrose Sadie Frances, sister of Madeleine Rose, Gabriel James and Nathaniel Ray

Quincy Abigail, sister of Chaz Gregory

Rhiannon Isis

Rory Adeline Alice

Rory Everett, twin of Nola Valerie, sister of Arlo Tobin

Rosalie Claire, sister of Charlotte (‘Charlie’) Grace, Eleanor MarieEllie“, and Madelyn SarahMaddie

Rosalind Estella Ruth

Rosemary Olivia

Ryleigh Grace, sister of Connor Mathew and Mikenna Jordan

Saga, sister of Ziri

Saoirse Flynn

Saskia Rose, sister of  Saul Andreas

Scout Everly

Stella, sister of Theodor and Melvin

Sylvia Blythe, sister of Marilla Susan

Tabitha Faye, sister of Dominic (‘Nico’) Joseph

Taren Jenda,  triplet of Delia Gwyneth May and Evan Arthur Caisen

Theodora Mairi, sister of Otto and Caius

Thora James

Tilda, sister of Viktor and Olivia

Tyra, sister of Måns

Victoria, sister of Sophia

Vivienne Beth

Vivienne Gray, twin of Philippa Winter

Waverly Willow, sister of Jenica Grace and Laeken Andrew

Willow Navena

Wren Aibilene, sister of Clara Jacqueline and Marielle Beatrice

Xanthe Lark

Please let us know of any omissions (but just from this period) or errors.

Thanks for her help on this to our industrious intern, Denise K. Potter.


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