Italian names: From La Dolce Vita and beyond

Italian names: From La Dolce Vita and beyond

Last week we perused the character names in classic French New Wave films and today, as promised, we do the same for the Italian cinema produced (mostly) in Rome’s Cinecittà, from the gritty neorealist works of Vittorio De Sica and Roberto Rossellini to the fantasies of Fellini, the surreal films of Antonioni, et alia.

Italian names, almost universally, end in vowels, so here’s an opportunity to explore a fresh source of feminissima girls’ names ending in ‘a,’ ranging from the simple Lia to the elaborate Elisabetta, and boys’ names with the popular ‘o’ ending—some of which will be more familiar than others.

This time—as prompted by one of you berries– I’m including the  names of the films the characters appear in.  The movie titles are in Italian or English (sometimes both), depending on how they are best known in the US.

Adelinade Sica, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Adreina —Antonioni, The Cry/Il grido

AmaliaRossellini, Dov’é la libertà?

Annarella – de Sica, Bread, Love and Dreams

BrunaBertolucci, La commare secca; Pasolini, La Mamma Roma

Cabiria—Fellini, Nights of Cabiria

CleliaBertolucci, Before the Revolution; Antonioni, The Girlfriends/Le amiche; Rossellini, Vanina Vanini

Clementinade Sica, The Voyage/ Il Viaggio

DoroteaFellini, And the Ship Sails On

ElisabettaFellini, Juliet of the Spirits

ElviaAntonioni, The Cry/ Il grido

FilumenaDe Sica, Marriage, Italian Style

GiudittaZeffirelli, Sparrow

GiulianaAntonioni, Red Desert

LaurettaRossellini, Open City

LiaRossellini, Desire

LidiaAntonioni, La notte

Lietta – Visconti, Conversation Piece

Maddalena  —Fellini, La Dolce Vita; Pasolini, Accattone!;Visconti, Bellissima

MariellaBertolucci, La commare secca; Antonioni, The Girlfriends/Le amiche

Marilena – Fellini, The White Sheik

MimosaRossellini, Anima Nera

Paolinade Sica, The Children Are Watching Us

PatriziaFellini, The Swindle/Il bidone; Antonioni, l’avventura

RosettaAntonioni, The Girlfriends/ Le amiche

RosinaAntonioni, The Cry/Il grido

Rossella – Fellini, 8 ½

SerenellaBertolucci, La Commare Secca

Simonetta –Antonioni, The Lady Without Camelias

Tecia—Zeffirelli, Sparrow

ValeriaRossellini, General della Rovere

Vavina—Rossellini, Vanina Vanini

VittoriaAntonioni, L’Eclipse


AgostinoBertolucci, Before the Revolution; Rossellini, Open City

Alfio – Visconti, La Terra Trema

Amedeode Sica, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

AugustoFellini, The Swindle/Il bidone; Pasolini, La Mamma Roma

AurelioFellini, Amarcord

CiroPasolini –The Hawks and the Sparrows; Visconti, Rocco and His Brothers

CorradoAntonioni, The Red Desert, l’avventura

Ettore – Pasolini, La Mamma Roma

FabrizioBertolucci, Before the Revolution

Federicode Sica, The Gold of Naples

Filippode Sica, Two Women; Visconti, L’innocente

Gaetanode Sica, Miracle in Milan

Ivo —  Fellini, La voce della luna/ Visconti, Rocco and His Brothers

LinoPasolini, La Mamma Roma

Livio – Rossellini –Vanina Vanini

LorenzoAntonioni, The Girlfriends, Le amiche

MassimoRossellini, Paisan

Nandino —  de Sica, The Voyage/Il Viaggio

NinoZeffirelli, Sparrow

Olmo – Bertolucci, 1900

OtelloRossellini, Dov’é la libertà?

OttavioBertolucci, 1900

PieroAntonioni, Eclipse; Pasolini, La Mamma Roma

Raffaelede Sica, Shoe-shine/Sciuscià

RaimondoAntonioni, l’avventura

Remo – Fellini, Variety Lights

RenatoPasolini, Accattone!; Rossellini, Escape By Night

RomoloRossellini, Dov’é la libertà?

SandroAntonioni, l’avventura

TeoFellini, Amarcord

TeodoroBertolucci, La commare secca

Torquato – Rossellini, Dov’é la libertà?

TullioVisconti, L’innocenti

UgoAntonioni, The Red Desert

Umbertode Sica, Umberto D.

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