Italian form of the Latin family name Fabricius

Fabrizio Origin and Meaning

The name Fabrizio is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "crafstman".
Sounds unfortunately fabricated -- or like a fabulous new fabric softener.

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Famous People Named Fabrizio

  • Fabrizio "Fab" MorettiAmerican drummer of The Strokes
  • Fabrizio RavanelliItalian footballer and manager
  • Fabrizio Cristiano De AndréItalian singer,songwriter
  • Fabrizio MiccoliItalian footballer
  • Fabrizio GiovanardiItalian racing driver
  • Fabrizio MoroItalian singer,songwriter and television presenter
  • Fabrizio SaccomanniItalian politician
  • Fabrizio FanielloMaltese pop singer
  • Fabrizio BarbazzaItalian racing driver
  • Fabrizio BrienzaItalian model and actor

Fabrizio in Pop Culture

  • Fabrizio de RossiJack Dawson's friend in the film "Titanic"
  • Fabriziocharacter in "Midnight Magic" by Avi
  • Fabreze air freshener