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Gender: F Origin of Mariella: Italian and Dutch, diminutive of Maria

Lilting and nearly unknown here, with the currently popular ella ending, makes a good Marissa alternative.

Famous People Named Mariella

Mariella Frostrup, British television presenter and journalist
Mariella Balbuena Torres, birth name of Mari Apache, Mexican pro wrestler
Mariella Devia, Italian operatic soprano
Maria Giuliana "Mariella" Nava, Italian singer-songwriter
Mariella Adani, Italian operatic soprano
Mariella Lotti (born Maria Camilla Pianotti), Italian actress
Mariella Farré (born Gabriella Filomeno), Swiss singer
Mariella Valentini, Italian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Mariella

Mariella Fyfe, a character in Rosamond Lehmann's book 'Dusty Answer', first published in 1927.
Mariella (Kate Nash song)

Mariella's International Variations

Marielle (French)