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Gender: F Meaning of Terra: "earth" Origin of Terra: Latin

A video-game import (Final Fantasy VI) for a character with green hair and a name that brings the outmoded Terry and Tara into the postmodern age.

Famous People Named Terra

Terra Jole Gnoffo, American reality TV personality ("Little Women" and "Terra's Little Family")

Pop Culture References for the name Terra

Terra, Latin name for Gaia (Mother Earth)
Terra, character in DC Comics and animated series "Teen Titans"
Terra, (male) character from the video game "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep"
"Terra," US TV series
"Terra Nova," a 2011 Fox TV series
Terra, clothing brand in "Style Savvy"
Terra cotta is a hard, fired clay, brownish-red in color when unglazed, that is used for architectural ornaments and facings, structural units, pottery, and as a material for sculpture.

Terah, Tiera, Teralyn, Tierra, Tera, Terrah