How I Named My Baby: Atlas Rose

How I Named My Baby: Atlas Rose

Evelyn Woodbridge, stay-at-home mom, and Chris Lopez, nursing professor, live in Miami, Florida. Their first child, a daughter named Atlas Rose, was born in March.

Here, we talk to Evelyn about how she and Chris chose the baby name Atlas for their little girl.

How long did it take you to decide on a name?

A few months. I, of course, had a saved list of future baby names since 8th grade and my husband had a few he liked. We found out we were expecting in August and a month later we had her name picked out.

When did you know you found “The Name?”

We had narrowed it down to Atlas for a boy and we were still undecided for a final girl’s name. We were in Canada for his birthday trip and after tossing some coins into a waterfall and wishing for a healthy baby, we were walking back to the car talking about names, and he just blurted out “Why can’t Atlas be for a girl? And then you can have the middle name Rose that you want.” The second I said it together my heart just knew__. And we never changed our minds.

What strategies did you use to narrow down your name choices?

Since I’m German and my husband is Cuban, we wanted a name both sides of the family could pronounce. We also wanted it to be very unique, but not an odd name. We figured out what genres we loved and went from there.

Whose baby name opinions influenced you the most?

Ironically, Shay Mitchell — the actress from Pretty Little Liars — named her daughter Atlas a few months before us. I was so mad at first, but then I was like, well this is proof that it is a girl’s name. I also love Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Megan Fox’s kids’ names.

What name did you hate to let go of?

I was very partial to E names like mine. Emerson and Emilia are some of my favorites. I loved Esmé Ingrid because it means “beloved hero’s daughter” and my mom’s name is Ingrid. My husband always wanted Angelica since he was ten years old, but I couldn’t stand it so he had to part with that name.

What would your younger self have liked to name the baby?

I loved the name Clarke when I was younger. I find this name to be so original and pretty, and it carries an elegance with unexpectedness for a baby girl.

Chris would have chosen Angelica.

What would your baby be named if it was totally up to you? If it was up to your partner?

Me — probably Luna Rose or Esmé Ingrid
ChrisKira Nerys (yes from Star Trek: DS9)

Did you decide on middle name(s) before the first name, or vice versa?

We had chosen Rose, after my husband’s great-grandmother who was a nurse in Cuba rescuing babies. My husband is also a nurse now, too. I loved Rose since it is the most beautiful and symbolic flower.

Did you have different requirements for first and middle names?

Yes. We agreed to give her a more traditional or common middle name that she can choose to use in case she gets older and Atlas is not to her liking.

How important a consideration was the flow of the first, middle, and last names?

It was more important to my husband — he wanted it to sound good. Now I like that her full name is short and sweet; it sounds perfect to us. I think names with too many syllables and letters become mouthy and hard to read. And always make sure the baby’s initials do not spell out a bad or funny word!

What’s the worst/funniest name suggestion you received?

Lois. My grandma suggested Lois after her aunt….whom I’ve never met. It was just funny and unprompted and way too outdated a name, in our opinion. And everyone would just think of Lois Lane.

Which partner was pickier about baby names?

Husband for sure! He vetoed so many of my favorite names for boys and girls!!! It’s hard to come to an understanding.

Did you share your baby’s name before she was born?

Yes, and I would advise most people to NOT share the name. We won’t with the second. People are quick to judge; usually, they will say something negative. No one liked our name, but they had to come around since we were firm that it would be her name. But the constant comments or continued alternate suggestions and complaints were very irritating

What advice would you give someone just starting the baby name process?

Just have fun with it! What you may think in your head does not end up being “the name” for your baby. Take inspiration from road signs, menus, magazines, songs, and tv shows! Or make it a game — we had a list of 20 names per gender and each week would agree on one to eliminate and then move on. In the end, your name for your baby will be perfect. They will grow into it and love it, and will love you for giving it to them!

Thank you so much, Evelyn!

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