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Gender: Female Meaning of Kira: "throne" Origin of Kira: Russian feminine variation of Cyrus Kira's Popularity in 2019: #383

Kira Origin and Meaning

The name Kira is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "throne".

Though such cognates of Kira as Keira, Kyra, and Ciara are evermore popular throughout Europe and in the U.S., this Cyrus relative has a different root. Variations include Keera, Kiera, Kierra, Kirah, Kiri, Kiria, Kiriah, Kiro, Kirra, Kirrah, Kirri, Kirya, and Kyra.

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Rank in US: #383

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snowsbeloved Says:


Kira is the Russian feminine form of Cyrus. There are a lot of Ciara/Kiera fans in this comment section that are making things confusing. Kira is a completely separate name from Ciara. It's not a trendy/phonetic spelling. If someone wants to make the pronunciation of Ciara more straightforward but stay close to its roots, Keira and Kiera are great options :)

itsgotime Says:


Imma name my future children Ella and Kira and then show them Death Note

Ezziesmom Says:


This is my name (Kirah) and I pronounce it KI-ruh, rhymes with Maya.

I’ve met many Kyra’s and Kira’s and about half of us pronounce it KEER-uh and the other half pronounces it KI-ruh.

eve Says:


my child will bring justice

eve Says:



eve Says:


mira is stupud kira is good upvote if tru

lu_brasil Says:


Isn't Kiera the Anglicized form of Ciara (which is Irish)?

snowsbeloved Says:


Well, in America you’d be lucky to even have it pronounced KYAR-ah. Sounds like Ciara will have a better chance for proper pronunciation in its native land. I have two cousins (one on each side of the family) named Ciara (both pronounce it see-AR-ah). Not a name I’d choose. Period. Spelling/pronunciation is too complicated. Prefer Kira :)

abertawe Says:


Ciara isn’t “KYAR-ah”. You’re mispronouncing it.

5sparrows Says:


I'm old but in the 1980 movie Xanadu, the main female lead role was Kira. Played by Olivia Newton John. (A great movie if you haven't seen it)

Daiseymae Says:


You are correct.

Daiseymae Says:


You are correct that it is Ciara.

abertawe Says:


Ciara is the correct traditional Irish spelling...
Look up Kiera's page here:
"Origin of Kiera: Americanised version of Irish Ciara"

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Ciara is Irish, as you said. But in Ireland, the correct pronunciation is 'KEER-uh', never is it 'Kyar-ah'. If you, or anyone, wants the 'kyar-ah' pronunciation, then the name to choose would be Kiara, Italian in origin and unrelated to the Irish Ciara and its pronunciation.

snowsbeloved Says:


Okay, let's review:

Ciara: -Irish
-means "dark one"
Kira: -Russian feminine form of Cyrus, a Persian
-means "throne"
Kira is NOT a form of Ciara.
I pronounce Kira KEER-ah.
I pronounce Ciara KYAR-ah.

kertheshe Says:


Kira... As if in Light Yagami? Uh... no, I think I'll pass. Love Death Note, though!

britney d Says:


The correct spelling is Kiera not Ciara.

britney d Says:


Kiera is the traditional spelling, not Ciara.

SoDallas3 Says:


Kira is the Russian feminine form of Kirrill (Cyril and Cyrus), it isn't a variation or a trendy spelling of Ciara or even Kiera. Kira means throne not "Black haired one" or "little dark one" like in Irish. Kira also means "lordly, ruler" in Greek, in Egyptian "Sun" as a variation of Takira. In Japanese it means "glittery, shiny" and Hindi it means "beam of light. Everyone seems to get them confused though. :)

SoDallas3 Says:


It's not the same name as Keira.

EllaYu Says:


This was almost our daughter's name - it may still be but my husband is set on something else for the time being.

I'm torn between spelling it properly (Ciara) and spelling it phonetically (Kira). I find the pronunciation "See-ar-a" absolutely abhorrent - it sounds like a mood stabilizer marketed to menopausal women - and I firmly believe that a Ciara will end up getting called "See-ar-a". So we prefer the "Kira" spelling.

EllaYu Says:


So it is but its Irish spelling is Ciara.

Zelliew Says:


I love the sound of this name but I would spell it Keira

summersnow Says:


My immediate thought is Death Note. Not a great association at all.

Joeleene Lochel Says:


I love this name only Our daughters name is spelt Kyrra

Alicia1 Says:


One of the unusual "K" names I actually like, not overused. Sounds Gaelic.