Lilias Origin and Meaning

The name Lilias is a girl's name of Scottish, Latin origin meaning "lily".

An unusual flower name deriving from the Latin word for lily (lilium), this variant has always been popular in Scotland.

Famous People Named Lilias

  • Lilias Eveline ArmstrongEnglish phonetician
  • Lilias Evva MasseyCanadian dignitary; former acting Viceregal consort of Canada
  • Lilias FolanAmerican TV yoga instructor
  • (Isabella) Lilias TrotterEnglish artist and missionary to Algeria
  • Lilias Torrance NewtonCanadian painter
  • Lilias Margitson Rider HaggardEnglish author; daughter of novelist H. Rider Haggard
  • Lilias GrantScottish noblewoman and letter,writer

Lilias in Pop Culture

  • Lilias CravenColin's late mother in book/film "The Secret Garden"
  • Liliassister of Darsie Latimer/Sir Arthur Darsie Redgauntlet in "Redgauntlet" (1824) by Sir Walter Scott