Names That Mean Flower

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Names that mean flower in the case of this list are not the obvious Flower Names such as Daisy and Lily but names that mean daisy and lily — Marguerite and Susannah, for instance — but that many people wouldn't recognize as flower names.

Baby names meaning flower, either the generic flower or a specific type of flower, are common in many languages and cultures. The flower meanings of some of the names on this list may be obvious in their native languages, if not in English.

Names with flower meanings range from the popular such as Zara to the rare, such as Papatya. Floral-meaning names are most common for girls but are sometimes found among boy names.

The names on this list mean flower, flowery, flowering, floral, as well as rose, lily, daisy, etc.

  • Abeba

    The name Abeba is a girl's name meaning "flower". Palindromic name often heard in Ethiopia.Read More 

  • Abebe

    The name Abebe is a boy's name meaning "flower". Masculine variation of Abeba.Read More 

  • Aletris

    The name Aletris is a unisex name meaning "corn grinder". The bell-shaped flower Aletris is also known as Colic Root, Blazing Star, Unicorn Root, and Stargrass. Its roots have medicinal properties... Read More 

  • Amarantha

    The name Amarantha is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "unfading". Amarantha is a rare botanical name whose mythical equivalent was believed to be immortal. The Italian and Spanish form is... Read More 

  • Amidala

    The name Amidala is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "beautiful flower". An attractive enough name, but for die-hard Star Wars fans only.Read More 

  • Anara

    The name Anara is a girl's name of Hindi, Persian origin meaning "pomegranate flower". Anara is a name that strikes a perfect balance between simple and exotic. It's easy to understand and... Read More 

  • Anthea

    The name Anthea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "flowery". This unjustly neglected floral name has a BBC accent and a Greek mythological heritage: Anthea is an epithet of Hera, the Greek... Read More 

  • Ardith

    The name Ardith is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "flowering field". Lispy combination of Arden and Edith. Read More 

  • Ayana

    The name Ayana is a girl's name meaning "large eyes, or time, or beautiful flower". With diverse roots and meanings, Ayana is a cross-cultural possibility. Both Ayana and Ayanna enjoyed a spike... Read More 

  • Azami

    The name Azami is a girl's name of Japanese, Persian origin meaning "thistle flower; greatest". Azami has a prickly image and feel--reinforced by the thistle's image in Eastern mythology as one... Read More 

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