"wine's town"

Winston Origin and Meaning

The name Winston is a boy's name of English origin meaning "wine's town".

Long associated with the Churchill family and common in the West Indies, the distinguished Winston has tended to be neglected here. The exception was during the World War II period, when Winston Churchill was a towering figure and his name reached Number 234. It's now enjoying something of a renaissance.

Winston Smith is the main character in George Orwell's 1984, is a presence in Pulp Fiction, is the name of a character in the best-selling book and film How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and was the middle name of both John Lennon and John Howard, long-serving Australian Prime Minister. Billie Piper and Laurence Fox named their son Winston in 2008.

With the current trend towards using hero names, we can see this upstanding Anglo-Saxon example making a return.

The nickname Winnie came into the public consciousness with the Winnie-the-Pooh books, but is now almost exclusively feminine--though you can shorten it further to the winning Win.

Minor irritant: Connection to the cigarette brand.

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Winston Popularity

Famous People Named Winston

  • Winston Leonard SpencerChurchill, British prime minister
  • Winston Frederick JusticeAmerican football player
  • Winston GuyAmerican football player
  • Winston Raymond PetersDeputy Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Winston Wiremu ReidNew Zealand footballer
  • Winston Aubrey Aladar MarshallBritish musician of band Mumford & Sons
  • Winston Leonardo AbreuDominican baseball player
  • Winston VenableAmerican CFL player; son of baseball player Max Venable
  • Winston James Fox (b. 2008)son of actors Laurence Fox and Billie Piper
  • Winston Elba (b. 2014)son of actors Idris Elba & Naiyana Garth
  • Winston Marc Butler (b. 2014)son of YouTubers CaseyLavere & HeyKayli
  • John Winston LennonEnglish musician of The Beatles
  • Winston Roy Followill (b. 2019)son of Lily Aldridge and Caleb Followill

Winston in Pop Culture

  • Dallas "Dally" Winstonfictional character in the novel "The Outisders" written by S. E. Hinton and was portrayed by Matt Dillon in the movie adaptation of the same name
  • Winston Smithmain character in George Orwell's "1984"
  • Winston Zeddemorecharacter in the Ghostbusters films
  • Winston Bishopcharacter on TV's "New Girl"
  • Winstondog on TV's "Hannibal"
  • Winston Paynecharacter from the "Ace Attorney" video game series
  • Winston Stonecharacter on TV series "The Stones"
  • Winstoncharacter in "The Maze Runner" trilogy
  • Winston Wolfcharacter in the movie "Pulp Fiction"
  • Winston Newquaycharacter on TV's "Wiseguy"
  • Winston "Widget" Murraycharacter in Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus"
  • Winstoncharacter in Disney's "Oliver & Company"
  • Winstoncharacter in webcomic "Unfamiliar"
  • Winstonbrand of cigarette
  • WinstonSalem, North Carolina, USA
  • Winstonplayable tank character in Blizzard's "Overwatch"
  • WinstonSuperBookUSA mascot dog, appeared in a Twitter Pic with Supermodel Elle Johnson on March 21, 2019
  • Winstoncharacter in the film series "John Wick"
  • Winston Prattcharacter in the 'Renegades' trilogy