Dutch from Hebrew
"city of the king; king of light"

Melchior Origin and Meaning

The name Melchior is a boy's name of Polish origin meaning "city of the king; king of light".

The least used of the Three Wise Men's names, but a strong option for bold namers to consider.

The exact origins of Melchior are unknown, but it is speculated that it derived from either the Hebrew roots melekh and 'or, together meaning "king of light," or the Persian melk and quart, taken to mean "city of the king."

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Melchior Popularity

Famous People Named Melchior

  • Saint Melchiorone of the three Magi
  • Saint Melchior GrodzieckiPolish martyr
  • Melchior d'HondecoeterDutch bird painter
  • Melchior Lengyel (born Lebovics Menyhért)Hungarian novelist and playwright
  • Melchior AndereggSwiss mountaineer
  • Melchior Ndadaye4th President of Burundi
  • Melchior HoffmanGerman Anabaptist prophet and leader
  • Melchior KleslAustrian statesman and cardinal
  • Melchior Lobkowiczson of Prince Maximilian & Princess Alina Lobkowicz
  • Melchior Franziskus AnsiPolish,German baroque painter
  • Friedrich MelchiorBaron von Grimm, German,French journalist, art critic and diplomat

Melchior in Pop Culture

  • Melchior Gabormain character in musical "Spring Awakening"
  • Melchiorvillain in animated series "Teen Titans"
  • Melchior Sturmthalbanner,bearer of Berne in Sir Walter Scott's "Anne of Geierstein" (1829)
  • Feminized as Melchora
  • MelchiorOne of the three Magi computers in Japanese anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion"