Celebrity Baby Names: Starbabies born in February

Celebrity Baby Names: Starbabies born in February

By CaraMichelle

Last month, within CaraMichelle’s full complement of new celebrity babes, was a set of triplets and four pairs of definitely unmatchy twins.

Distinctive singleton choices include a girl named Swann, and boys dubbed Buddy Bob (brother of Buzz), Canyon, Czar (more royalty!), and Dutch. Among the more high profile births were Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannevale’s boy Rocco Robin.

Here’s the full list of babyberries with February baby names:


Antonia Sofia and Josefina Lucia, sisters of Maximiliano (Celso Ortiz and Patricia Solabarrieta)

Brielle and Zara, sisters of Lani and Kaiyah (Peter and Amy Sidgreaves)

Estelle Vera and Sofia Leland, sisters of Eva and Gabriella (John and Danielle Scott)

León  and Máxima, brother and sister of Santiago, Jorge Emilio, Gabriela, and Valentina (Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez)


Edith Olivia, James Maxwell, and Nathaniel Lucas, sister and brothers of Molly (James and Lanai Scarr)


Aashna Brynn (Grame Ross Hart and J’Tia Taylor Hart)

Addie Lee, sister of David (Jonathan and Haley Horton)

Airlie Grace (Andrew and Lara Symkowiak)

Amy Jessica, sister of Luca (m) (Jonathan Sexton and Laura Priestly)

Anni, sister of Jette (f) (Marcel and Andrea Sieberg)

Bobby Jo (Arie Boomsma and Romy Houwer)

Carla (Adrian Lopez and Alba Alvarez)

Daia Maria (Willie Wartaal)

Dees Pina (Tim van Loon and Juliette van Ardenne)

Elisa Guzin (Levent Veziroglu and Nur Fettahoglu)

Ella (Touré and Sarah Jakes Roberts)

Emily Jennifer, sister of Anna (Marc and Lindsay Staal)

Frankie Lee, sister of Jagger (m), Billi (f), and Stevie (f) (Cameron and Seona Mooney)

Frederica, sister of Diana (Gonçalo Uva and Carolina Patrocínio)

Glafira, sister of Agrafena, Serafima, and Polina (Pavel Drevnov and Mariya Poroshina)

Harper (Tony Raines and Madison Walls)

Jordan Elizabeth (Bobby Schubenski and Rosa Mendes)

Kenya, sister of Meliana, Leyna, and Canelia (Eric and Hayet Abidal)

Lea (Mathieu Valbuena and Fanny Lafon)

Lilah Kate (Alex Naddour and Hollie Vise)

Lola, sister of Marco and Carlota (Melendi and Julia Nakamatsu)

Magdalena, sister of MariaStella (Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen of Austria)

Malia (Sven and Lisa Ulreich)

Matilda, sister of Jaykub (Tjeerd Bomhof and Katarina Plevkova)

Mia KayLee (JoJo Simmons and Tanice Amara)

Olivia James, sister of Margaret (Keith Christian and Kellie Martin)

Penelope Blu (Cara Kilby and Daniel Harris)

Rino (Noriaki Kasai and Reina Harima)

Sienna (Sébastien Chavanel and Sophie Frenette)

Sophia Olivia (Andy Murray and Kim Sears Murray)

Swann, sister of Charlie (m) (Laurent Delahousse and Alice Baglioni)

Una (Edin Dzeko and Amra Silajdzic)

Violett (Kirk Norcross and Holli Willis)


Alexander (Andreas Goldberger and Astrid Brandauer)

Atlas (Jonny Blu and Jacqueline Pinol)

August Alexander (Alexander Kiwomya and Talitha Minnis)

Baltazar (Juan and Trinidad Figallo)

Buddy Bob, brother of Buzz (Tom and Giovanna Fletcher)

Caleb Gene (Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers)

Canyon Morrison Caine (Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe)

Czar Rockmond, brother of Berkeley (f) (Rockmond Dunbar and Maya Gilbert)

Dutch William, brother of Hunter (m), Montana (f), and Brooklyn (f) (Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom)

Emir (Engin Altan Duzyatan and Neslislah Alkoclar)

Enzo (Adrián and Tamara San Miguel)

Gunner Ethan, brother of Jamison (m) and Kaz (m) (Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace)

Jayden (Danny Mitir and Myriam Fares)

Justus (Michael Maile and Valerie Link)

Langston Attickus, brother of Franklin and Izaiah (Rachel Dolezal)

Lionel (Lady Linn)

Lochlan Owens (Graham and Lynn Smith)

Malo,  brother of Pia (Paul Renaudie and Manon Pommier)

Martín (Diego Forlán and Paz Cardoso)

Maxwell Enosata (Linus Idahosa and Stephanie Okereke)

Milo Wolf (Chris Rademaker and Jodi King)

Ocean, brother of Kayden (m), Micah (f), and Kaliyah (Hosea Gear and Kate Yeats)

Owen Bartlett, brother of Elijah (Taylor Hubbell and Heather Morris)

Perre (Steven Kruijswijk and Sophie Bosch)

Phillip, brother of Eli (Phil Anaya and Isis Romero)

Richard CallumCallum, brother of Conor and Rowan (f) (Matt and Kristin Maher)

Rocco Robin, brother of Jake (Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne)

Simon, brother of Leonie (Philip Van de Perre and Cynthia Reekmans)

Telmo, brother of Aran (Borja Sémper and Barbara Goenaga)

Tiago (Wenceslas and Jessica Lauret)

Valentino Noah, brother of Luca (Luca and Cate Manfé)

Ward Charles (Charles and Cassie Kelley)

Wolf Dillon Reece, brother of Orrin and Camille (Joshua Homme and Brody Dalle)

Any favorites?

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