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The Nameberry Guide to the Best Baby Names for Girls

The Nameberry Guide to The Best Baby Names for Girls is our hand-picked collection of the very best names today for baby girls.  This title includes the 650 best all-around choices from the thousands of girls’ names on the website, including stylish names and choices, unusual names and adventurous ideas.  Available directly from Nameberry in Kindle, EPub, and PDF versions, our girls’ guide can also be ordered in a print version from Amazon.

top boys' names

The Nameberry Guide to the Best Baby Names for Boys

The boys’ companion to our girls’ book, The Nameberry Guide to the Best Baby Names for Boys includes the 600 males names we deem the most worthy of parents’ consideration.  This expert-curated list includes classic choices along with the best of both popular and unusual names for boys.  Order the boys’ guide in Kindle, EPub, or PDF versions direct from Nameberry, or buy the print edition from Amazon.

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The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names

The very first book we’ve produced with the viewpoint and sensibility of Nameberry, The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names is our hand-curated look at thousands of awesome, unusual names never on the U.S. Top 1000.

If you like unique names, you’ll love The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names, which features a wide range of choices not collected anywhere else.  And our ebook links directly back to the Nameberry database, to make it easy for you to pull together all the up-to-the-minute information Nameberry offers in blogs, lists, and forums on your favorite names from the book.

You can buy your copy of Off-the-Grid Names directly from us in Kindle, EPub (for iPad or Nook), or linked PDF versions directly from us, right here.

Also available via Amazon and Smashwords.

aacoverBeyond Ava & Aiden

Beyond Ava & Aiden helps you navigate the vast world of baby names with insightful commentary, expert advice, and creative lists.  This is the book you need for up-to-date guidance on what names are coming in and heading out, best and not so much for your baby.

An all-new update of our original book Beyond Jennifer & Jason—the book that revolutionized how and what millions of parents named their babies—this editions has been completely reinvented for today’s generation of thoughtful and creative parents. It will guide you through the essential aspects of baby naming — style, image, gender identity, and tradition — and includes sections on such topics as:

  • Ecological Green names (Bay, Willow and Aster)
  • Just Josie Nickname Names (Maisie, Theo and Bea)
  • Trendy Trade Names (Sawyer, Turner and Thatcher)
  • Cool Metrodude Names (Anderson, Felix and Cale)

Beyond Ava & Aiden also provides insight on such important issues as:

  • How to pick a name both you and your spouse love
  • How to deal with lame name advice
  • Choosing names for siblings and twins
  • The pros and cons of unisex names

Or: Download the digital version right here!


cn2largeCool Names for Babies

Looking for cool baby names and don’t want to fight your way through thousands of uncool choices to find them?  Then Cool Names is the essential baby name           book for you.   The only name book ever published that includes neither John nor Mary, Cool Names helps you navigate all aspects of baby name coolness, from safe (Sophia and Sam) to as wild as you want to go (Andromeda, Alza, or Answer, anyone?), picks out the coolest recent celebrity baby names (Eden, Orson, Sullivan) and identifies the hottest new trends.

Now out in new editions in both the US and the UK, Cool Names includes fresh information on:

 –Trends–Accent on the vowel (Addison, Ethan); Naughty girls (Salome, Scarlett); Thunderbolt boys (Colt, Cade); Little Caesars (Magnus, Atticus) and many more
 –Newest Nature And Place Names (Slate, Sicily, Snow)
 –Names from Around the World –List after list of international names, including an Exoticizer to transform the familiar to the exotic.
Cool Middle And Nicknames
 –Updated Celebrity, Character And Starbaby Names

Or: Download the digital version right here!


Baby Name Bible all capsThe Baby Name Bible

The Baby Name Bible is the book you need if you want all your baby name resources in one place, combining over 50,000 names from around the world — including their origins, meanings, and expert commentary – with our trademark style and image information to guide you to the perfect choice.

Think of it as an offline version of Nameberry, the resource you consult beyond the computer.  The Baby Name Bible:

  –Offers over 50,000 terrific names from around the world, including a multitude of creative choices found nowhere else – and there’s not a Teddy-Blue or Richesse in sight.

  –Includes real and accurate information on where the names come from and what they mean, in their original language as well as how they’re perceived in the modern world.

–Guides you through the maze of style and image considerations by giving you expert enlightened and enlightening commentary on every name in the book.

–Features unique symbols that makes it easy to identify which names are moving up and down the popularity ladder, which can be used for both genders, and which are Authors’ Favorites.

Or: Download the digital version right here!


cool_irish_namesCool Irish Names for Babies

Want to honor your Irish heritage in your baby’s name?  Cool Irish Names For Babies is now out in a U.S. edition, carrying the charm of names from the Emerald Isle to the Irish-American parent. Included here are modern Irish baby names plus historic choices from legend and literature, royalty and religion, to help you make an enlightened choice.

Cool Irish Names combines the viewpoint of our Cool Names for Babies book with the ethnic information and out-of-the-box Irish choices difficult to find he

Cool Irish Names For Babies:

 –Offers the current top names in Ireland along with the most popular Irish choices on the U.S. list, noting which are rising fastest
 –Includes cool Irish celebrity names and the names they give their children, and famous Irish names of the past from stage, screen, and literature
 –Features a wealth of wonderful names from Irish history, myth and legend as well as Irish-American tradition
                                                         –Also: an essential name-by-name pronunciation guide for those hard-to-say names


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