Best H Names for Boys

Best H Names for Boys

Boy names that start with H range from classics like Henry and Harry to newly-favored options such as Huxley and Hayes. Here are some lesser-used, but incredibly handsome, H names for boys.


Latin Adrian has been in the Top 100 since 1990. Add an "H", and you've got Hadrian — another Latin name held by the Roman Emperor known for his expansion and building of the empire, including Hadrian's Wall, named after himself.


This English boy name means "someone who lives in a hollow". Unusual but accessible, Hale projects a sense of well-being - hale and hearty. Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale is a worthy namesake.


As Henry is now in the Top 10 in both the US and the UK, and Harry is featured in the UK Top 10 as well, it may be time for the cheerful, friendly nickname Hank to make a comeback. Hank as a standalone name enjoyed popularity in the mid-20th century, and more recently re-entered the charts in 2010, now sitting at 433. Hal is another sweet Henry diminutive we love.


Harrison is a well-loved favorite, but shorter form Harris hasn't been getting the same attention. Harris was used pretty substantially as a first name until the 1950s, and is in the Top 25 most common surnames in the US — a notable bearer to keep in mind being Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris is wildly popular in Scotland, where it is also a geographical name, belonging to one of the largest of the country's many islands.


Hart has a warm, heart-filled feel, while being strong and sturdy as well. The most famous bearer of the name was tragic poet Hart (born Harold) Crane. A cute longer form that feels on trend is Hartley.

Top H Names for Boys in the US


Haru is a Japanese boy name meaning "born in the spring" or "clear weather", making it a perfect choice for a boy born in the springtime. Certainly distinctive and unique, but very accessible and easy to spell and pronounce, Haru is a handsome option.


Harvey was a Top 100 name until the 1940s before falling in popularity, but has been having a comeback in recent years. Today Harvey has a nerdy, offbeat feel, but the "ee" ending fits in with current trends. Events of 2017 halted Harvey’s significant growth but as the associations fade, parents are starting to reconsider.


Haskell has two separate forms of origin — In Ancient Norse, Haskell was derived from Ásketill, and was originally used only as a surname. Haskell is also a form of Haskel, a Yiddish name derived from Ezekiel. Haskell was on the charts until 1944, and today would make an intriguing, unique choice.


Thatcher is already quite unique, sitting at the bottom of the charts in recent years. Shed the T and you've got Hatcher — a slightly less preppy, fresher alternative, without the Prime Minister associations. Hatcher is an occupational surname meaning "one who lives near a gate".


Classic Henry is certainly in style right now at #9, although he never really went out of style. If you want a more distinct variation, Henrik may be what you are looking for. Henrik is a Danish and Hungarian variation of Henry, and has been coasting along the bottom of the charts since 2014. Other attraction variations include handsome European Hendrik or rock-and-roll Hendrix.

Unique Boy Names That Start with H


Surname Hewitt means "descendent of Hugh", and would be a nice modern take as an honor for a familial Hugh. Boy names ending in "-t" have taken off in recent years, from classic Everett and Emmett to modern Truett and Beckett. Hewitt still remains undiscovered, and would fit in while standing out in a classroom.


Hollis was used for boys in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but is not on the charts today. Hollis is used in relatively equal numbers for boys and girls today, and feels like a fresher alternative to other buttoned-up last names as first names that have been rising in numbers, like Ellis and Harris. Holland is another cool gender-neutral name.


How cute is the nickname Howie? Howard was in the Top 50 until the 1940s, but fell fast. Today he is at 940 in the charts, and is ready to start making his way back up. As parents start looking for new old-man chic names now that Theodore, Arthur, and Oscar have lost some of their wow-factor, Howard may start getting some love again.


Hugo just may be in the Top 5 favorite names on Nameberry of all time. Both soft and strong at the same time, vintage, and boasting that energetic "-o" ending, there's no wonder Hugo is getting that attention. Surprisingly, this hasn't reflected in the real world, and Hugo's popularity has stayed fairly consistent in the 400s in the US in recent years. Europe is loving this multicultural classic, with popularity booming in the UK, Spain, France, and Sweden.


If Hunter and Hudson are feeling a bit tired, Hutton may be appealing. Hutton is an English and Scottish surname meaning "ridge enclosure", and is associated with Scottish geologist James Hutton, and as a first name with designer Hutton Wilkinson.

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