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Gender: Male Pronunciation: vee-to Meaning of Vito: "alive, life" Origin of Vito: Latin

The name Vito is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "alive, life". Vito and is often added to lists like Unique Baby Names Ending In O and discussed in our forums with posts like "Makeover name game: from one gender to the other".

From the experts:

Old World Italian name that might become fashionable in a so-far-out-it's-in way, like Enzo and Rocco. Main recommendation: It's among the rare boy names that mean life.

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Famous People Named Vito

Vito John Fossella, U.S. Congressman from New York
Vito Scotti, American voice actor
Vito Joseph LoGrasso, American pro wrestler
Vitomir "Vito" Nikolić, Montenegrin poet
Vittorio "Vito" Positano, Italian diplomat
Vito Postiglione, Italian racing driver
Vito Rocco Farinola, birth name of Vic Damone, American pop singer
Vito Schnabel, son of artist Julian Schnabel

Mo Vito Harder, son of Franziska van Almsick & Jurgen Harder

Pop Culture References for the name Vito

Vito Corleone, main character in The Godfather trilogy

Vitus, Vitin, Vytas, Vitas, Vitale, Vital, Vitis, Veit

Vito's International Variations

Vitaly (Russian) Vitalis, Vidal, Viel (French) Wit (Polish) Videl (Spanish)


Rosie2525 Says:


Nameberry likes to put in their two cents, even when no one asked for it ;) I like Viggo and Vito, both are very strong, handsome names. For me PERSONALLY, I'd probably chose Viggo :)

ambercat Says:


I prefer Vito to Viggo, myself. I thought that the nameberry description came across unnecessary harsh.

ccmrath Says:


I agree - Vito sounds very fresh. I think that here in the US the name would more likely be pronounced "Vido" more than "Vito".

Toronto87 Says:


I disagree with the nameberry description. I think Vito sounds very vigorous. Can't decide whether I like Viggo or Vito more.