French variation of ancient Roman family name Sergius

Serge Origin and Meaning

The name Serge is a boy's name of French, Russian origin meaning "servant".

Old saints' and popes' name that went to France in the 1920s with the Russian Ballets Russes; in its Russian form, Sergei, it retains an artistic, almost effete air.

Serge Popularity

Famous People Named Serge

  • Serge Negusreporter
  • Serge Harochewinner of the Nobel Prize for Physics
  • Serge GainsbourgFrench singer/songwriter, musician, actor, and director
  • Serge TelleMinister of State of Monaco
  • Serge IbakaCongolese basketball player

Serge in Pop Culture

  • Serge is the son of Pamelathe playdate friend and potential love interest of Louis C.K. on the American TV comedy "Louie" on FX.
  • Serge is the main character of the video game Chrono Cross