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Gender: F Meaning of Sun: "obedient" Origin of Sun: Korean

But to Westerners, it just means that huge glowing orb in the sky.

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Famous People Named Sun

Willa Sun Pressnall (b. 2009), daughter of musicians Derek and Jamie Pressnall of Tilly and the Wall
Sun Li, Chinese actress
Sun Ra (born Herman Poole Blount), American male jazz musician
Sun Tzu, Chinese male author of The Art of War
Sun Yat-sen, male Chinese nationalist revolutionary, founder and leader of the Guomindang

Pop Culture References for the name Sun

Sun Wen, character in the "Sims" series
Sun Wukong, male character voiced by Michael Jones in web series "RWBY"
Sun Kwon, main character on the NBC series "Lost"
Sun Bak, character in Netflix original series Sense8
Sun, a (male) main character in Pokemon Sun and Moon
Sun, a Chinese surname

Sunta, Sundip, Sunya, Sundance, Sundrenea, Sundeep, Sundi, Sundee