Best C Names for Girls

Best C Names for Girls

So you’re thinking about girl names that start with C for your little one. You know all too well that Charlotte is one of the top names in the English-speaking world and that Chloe and Claire and Cora and Charlie are mega-popular too. What we’re offering here is a list of lovely C names that will stand out from the crowd.


This evocative, melodious mythological name is that of the muse of music and poetry in Greek mythology, as well as the name of the musical instrument found on Merry-go-rounds. As Penelope has taken off in popularity in recent years, parents will be looking for a fresh alternative with that same sparkle. Calliope lends itself well to the popular and down-to-earth nickname Callie. Fans of the show Grey's Anatomy may be familiar with the name through the character Calliope "Callie" Torres.


Spanish Camila has taken the US by storm in the last few decades, rising all the way to her current seat at number 12 in 2021. The French version Camille is feeling chic again, although she never truly went out of style. Camille has been floating around the 200s in the charts throughout the last decade, but with the revivals of other French names like Lucille and Noelle, it may be time for this French name to join her sister Camila at the top. Fun fact — Camille is actually a gender-neutral name in its native France.


Catherine Zeta-Jones introduced us to this sweet Welsh name that means ‘love’ when she used it for her daughter in 2003. It’s a Top 1000 name in England, but a rarity in the US. A perfect namesake name for an Aunt Caroline or Karen. Cerys is another beautiful Welsh variation.


This Italian place name feels fresh and modern. Capri entered the Top 1000 in 2020, and currently ranks at 624. The name was chosen by the late Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa for their youngest daughter in 2019. Capri may also bring to mind the juice pouch brand Capri Sun or the cropped pants. Overall, Capri gives off a sunny, summery vibe.


Classic Cecilia is a lovely option, and has been rising in recent years to its highest-ever rank of 132. Dainty Cecily adds even more energy and character to the name. While the unsavory meaning "blind" may seem daunting to some parents, Cecily is so charming it can be easily overlooked. Similar sounding Cicely is worn by actress Cicely Tyson.

Top C Names for Girls in the US


Celestial girl names are in, from Stella to Luna to Nova — why not Celeste? Celeste is a beautiful name that has always been on the charts, but has never cracked the Top 200. This light and lovely choice means "heavenly", and currently sits at 322. Other, even more unique variations include Celestine and Celestia.


Celia is the perfect balance of feminine and pretty, but not over the top. Surprisingly, Celia has origins separate from Cecilia and was developed independently. The name was thought to be introduced by Shakespeare in his work "As You Like It". It was to Celia that the poet Ben Jonson penned the immortal line, "Drink to me only with thine eyes." Despite these and numerous other literary creds, Celia is only in the high 700s today in the US.


This energetic Spanish name means "sky". Cielo has been used as a name for the Virgin Mary, derived from the title María del Cielo, meaning Mary of the Sky. Michael Bublé and Luisiana Lopilato named their daughter Cielo in August of this year, which may bring more attention to this unique name.


This "darlin" name has re-entered the Top 1000 after more than half a century off the list, and is rising fast. The sweet Clementine currently sits at 549, but its style appeal means you may hear it more than you think. Clementine means "mild" or "merciful", and can be pronounced either as "clem-un-tine" (like the fruit) or as "clem-un-teen".


Cleo may be one of the spunkiest girl names out there. This Greek name meaning "glory" is of course derived from Cleopatra — the name of one of the most powerful women in history. With Leo and Theo taking off on the boys' side, we can see why Cleo is hot for girls. Sound-alike Clio is the name of a muse of history and heroic poetry in Greek mythology.

Unique Girl Names That Start With C


This up-and-coming nature name has a fun, offbeat feel. Clover entered the Top 1000 in 2021, rising to 866. A symbol of good luck, the clover is a lovely botanical association to bestow upon a daughter. Clover was recently used for several celebrity babies, indicating she will continue to rise.


The loveable heroine of "Anne of Green Gables" said "I would love to be called Cordelia. It's such a perfectly elegant name." With the popularity of Cora as well as similarly formal and elegant names such as Amelia and Ophelia, Cordelia has plenty of potential. And to top it off, Cordelia has two lovely meanings: "heart", and "daughter of the sea".


This pretty and quaint French name has the sweetest meaning — "little thing". Cosette may be familiar to many as the heroine of Les Miserables, for which the name was created by author Victor Hugo. It is thought to be a spin on the equally charming Colette, a feminine variation of Nicholas. Either Cosette or Colette would make a lovely, offbeat name for a baby girl today.


Cressida is a mythological and Shakespeare heroine name that is much more well-known in the UK than the US. This Greek name means "gold", and feels fresh, crisp, and creative today. Modern namesakes of Cressida include a character in the series "The Hunger Games", as well as the author Cressida Cowell of the popular series "How to Train your Dragon".


This sleek name meaning "sun", "throne", or "lord", can be pronounced with "SY-ruh" or "SEE-ruh". Cyra may be a feminine variation of boy name Cyrus (which has been rising itself in recent years), or may be a Persian name in its own right.

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