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Gender: F Meaning of Sasha: "defending men" Origin of Sasha: Russian, diminutive of Greek Alexander Sasha's Popularity in 2015: #542

Sasha, largely male in Russia--and also spelled Sascha and Sacha--is an energetic name that has really taken off for girls here, chosen by Jerry Seinfeld (using the alternate Sascha spelling) and other celebs. The Barack Obamas use it as the nickname for their younger daughter, whose proper name is Natasha. But in line with a trend toward softer-sounding boys' names like Asher and Joshua and thanks to Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, Sasha also still has life as a boys' name too--it's popular in France for boys and girls almost equally.

Another notable female bearer is 2006 Olympic silver medalist skater Sasha Cohen; Sasha Alexander, on the TV show Rizzoli & Isles, was born Suzana. And Sasha Fierce is the name of Beyonce's alter ego.

Sasha, now Number 542, was as high as 147 in 1988.

Famous People Named Sasha

Natasha "Sasha" Obama, daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama
Sasha Pieterse, American actress
Alexandra Pauline "Sasha" Cohen, American figure skater
Sasha Grey (born Marina Ann Hantzis), American actress
Sasha Alexander (born Suzana S. Drobnjaković), American actress
Alexandra "Sasha" Pivovarova, Russian model
Sasha Luss, Russian model
Alexandra "Sasha" Barrese, American actress
Sasha Agha (born Zara Agha Khan), British actress and singer
Sasha Nicole Clements, Canadian actress
Dominique "Sasha" Lazard, American classical singer
Sasha Meneghel, Brazilian model and actress; daughter of TV personality Xuxa Meneghel and model Luciano Szafir
Sasha Andrews, Canadian footballer
Sasha Ramos, American actress
Sasha Kida Reynolds, American actress
Sasha Dobson, American singer
Sasha Montenegro (born Aleksandra Aćimović Popović), Mexican actress
Sasha (born Karen Chin), Jamaican DJ
Sasha Williams, Canadian actress
Sasha Olson, American actress
Sasha Hou, Chinese actress
Sasha Marianne Sokol, Mexican singer and actress
Sasha Cooke, American operatic mezzo-soprano
Sasha Rebecca Spielberg, American actress
Sasha Mallory, American contemporary/African jazz dancer
Sasha Wells, daughter of actress Susannah York and Michael Wells
Sasha Nugent, daughter of singer Ted Nugent
Sasha Gabriella Fox, daughter of singer/actress Vanessa Williams and basketball player Rick Fox
Sasha Sabbioni (b. 2000), daughter of models Natasha Stefanenko and Luca Sabbioni
Sasha Zhulin (b. 2000), daughter of ice dancers Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin
Sasha Kirilenko (b. 2006), daughter of singer Masha Kirilenko and basketball player Andrei Kirilenko
Sasha Bigard (b. 2009), daughter of comedian Jean-Marie Bigard
Sasha Junqueira Matyushenko (b. 2015), daughter of mixed martial artist Vladimir Matyushenko

Pop Culture References for the name Sasha

Sasha Baker, main character in short story "Under the Table" by author Tina Tirrell
Sasha Torres, character on TV's "Bunheads"
Sasha Bezmel, character on Australian soap "Home and Away"
Sasha, character on TV's "The Walking Dead"
Sasha Bordeaux, character in Batman comics
Sasha, princess in "Orlando: A Biography" by Virginia Woolf
Sasha La Fleur, Irish setter in animated movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2"
Sasha Silver, main character in Jessica Burkhart's Canterwood Crest series
Sasha Caylo, character in animated series "Titan Maximum"
Sasha Braus, character in anime/manga "Attack on Titan"
Sasha, cat in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter
Sasha, Bratz doll
Sasha, character in manga "Pita-Ten"
Sasha, character in movie "Cube 2: Hypercube"
Sasha, character in video game "Infamous"
Sasha Athena, character in anime/manga "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas"
Sasha, mentioned in song "Freedom of '76" by Ween ("My girl Sasha/
Lookin' good on the street")
Sasha, character in book "The Mephisto Covenant" by Trinity Faegen
Sasha, character in Aphmau's YouTube series "Minecraft Diaries"