"the Lord is my teacher; or drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved"

Mariah Origin and Meaning

The name Mariah is a girl's name of Hebrew, Latin origin meaning "the Lord is my teacher; or drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved".

Thanks to Mariah Carey, everyone now knows this name – and is aware that Mariah's pronounced with a long i – just as Maria was in the Jane Austen era. And though Mariah now sounds modern, it was heard as far back as 1550 in Great Britain.

The song 'They Call the Wind Maria' (pronounced Mariah) was introduced in the 1951 Broadway musical Paint Your Wagon and was the inspiration for Mariah Carey's name.

Though Mariah reached a peak in the mid-1990s, it is still a popular choice.

Mariah may derive from Hebrew Moriah, meaning "the Lord is my teacher". It may also be a variant form of Maria, the meaning of which is uncertain. Theories include "drop of the sea" (from Hebrew roots mar "drop" and yam "sea"); "bitter" (from Hebrew marah "bitterness"); and "beloved" (from the Egyptian root mr).

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Mariah Popularity

Famous People Named Mariah

  • Mariah CareyAmerican singer and songwriter
  • Mariah BellAmerican figure skater
  • Mariah Waterfall O'BrienAmerican actress
  • Mariah GaleBritish,Australian actress
  • Mariah Cheyenne BellAmerican figure skater
  • Mariah BuzolinBrazilian actress
  • Mariah da PenhaBrazilian actress
  • Mariah FredericksAmerican novelist
  • Mariah StewartAmerican romance novelist
  • Mariah Matilda KennedyCuomo (b. 1995), daughter of politician Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy; granddaughter of politician Robert F. Kennedy; twin of sister Cara Ethel
  • Mariah Brown (b. 1996)daughter of Kody & Meri Brown of TV's "Sister Wives"
  • Mariah Smith (b. 1998)daughter of rapper Busta Rhymes
  • Mariah Leilani Roy (b. 2009)daughter of basketball player Brandon Roy
  • Mariah Musselman (b. 2010)daughter of sportscaster Danyelle Sargent and coach Eric Musselman
  • Mariah Brantley (b. 2013)daughter of baseball player Michael Brantley

Mariah in Pop Culture

  • Mariah Copelandcharacter on American soap "The Young and the Restless"
  • Mariah Wongcharacter in anime/manga "Beyblade"
  • Mariahcharacter on TV series 'Raised by Wolves'
  • Mariahcharacter in manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure