5 Letter Girl Names

Five letter girl names are led by the longtime top name Emily. Sofia, the Latinate spelling of Sophia popular in the US and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, is another top girl name with five letters.

Along with Emily and Sofia, girl names with five letters ranking in the US Top 200 include Avery, Grace, Chloe, Layla, Riley, Ellie, Alexa, Hazel, and Sarah.

Classics Alice, Lydia, Clara, Julia, Edith, and Maria are all five letter girl names, as are the trendier Sadie, Piper, Kylie, and Quinn.

Unique five letter names for girls on our recommended list include Anouk, Aziza, Celia, Darcy, Elsie, Mercy, Olive, Petra, and Tansy.

Top 5 Letter Girl Names