Hebrew, diminutive of Jacob

Jake Origin and Meaning

The name Jake is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "supplanter".

This unpretentious, accessible, and optimistic ("everything's jake" -- meaning OK) short form of the top name Jacob is itself widely used, though more parents these days are opting for the full name Jacob. Jake (born Jacob) Gyllenhall is its most prominent current bearer.

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Jake Popularity

Famous People Named Jake

  • Jacob Benjamin "Jake" GyllenhaalAmerican actor
  • Jake T. Austin (born Jake Austin Szymanski)American actor
  • Jake MonrealAmerican ballroom dancer
  • Jake Christopher DelhommeAmerican football player
  • Jacob Mark "Jake" PittsAmerican guitarist
  • Jason Steven "Jake" PlummerAmerican football player
  • Jake Edward LongAmerican football player
  • Joshua Ryan "Jake" OwenAmerican singer
  • Jacob "Jake" ShortAmerican actor
  • Jake BrownAustralian pro skateboarder
  • Jake Bugg (born Jake Edwin Kennedy)English singer,songwriter
  • Jake WeberEnglish actor
  • Jake Matthew LloydAmerican actor and entrepreneur
  • Giacobbe "Jake" LaMottaAmerican boxer
  • Jake Peter RocheBritish actor and musician
  • Jake Johnson (born Mark Jake Johnson Weinberger) American actorcomedian and director
  • Jacob Edward "Jake" PeavyAmerican baseball player
  • Jerry Dean "Jake" GibbsAmerican baseball player
  • Iakovos "Jake" ChapmanEnglish artist
  • Jake RoperAmerican vlogger "Vsauce 3"
  • Jake KaminskiAmerican archer
  • Jake Joseph PaulYoutuber
  • Jake MitchellBritish internet personality
  • Jake DufnerAmerican internet personality
  • Jake Stone Gonzollo (b. 2017)son of Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez

Jake in Pop Culture

  • Jake Sullymain character in movie "Avatar"
  • J.J. "Jake" Gittesmain character in movie "Chinatown"
  • Jake the Dogcharacter on TV's "Adventure Time"
  • Jake Mullercharacter in the game "Resident Evil 6"
  • Jake Marshallcharacter in 'Ace Attorney' game series
  • Jake Poddingtoncharacter in Tom Swift in Captivity (1912)
  • Jake Peraltacharacter on TV show, "Brooklyn Nine,Nine"
  • Jake Doylecharacter on TV's "Republic of Doyle"
  • Jake Puckermancharacter on TV's "Glee"
  • Jacob David "Jake" Harpercharacter on TV's "Two and a Half Men"
  • Jacob "Jake" Bohmmain character on TV's "Touch"
  • Jake Ryancharacter on TV's "Hannah Montana"
  • Jake Ryancharacter in movie "Sixteen Candles"
  • Jake Bluescharacter from the movie "Blues Brothers"
  • Jake from State Farmadvertising mascot
  • Jake Morgendorffercharacter in animated series "Daria"
  • Jake Englishcharacter in web comic "Homestuck"
  • Jake Bermancharacter on TV's "The Mind of the Married Man"
  • Jakeelf on TV's "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"
  • Jake Stylescharacter on TV's "Jake and the Fatman"
  • Jacob "Jake" Mooncharacter on British soap "EastEnders"
  • Jake Deancharacter on British soap "Hollyoaks"
  • Jake Featherstoncharacter in Harry Turtledove's Southern Victory series
  • "American Dragon: Jake Long" animated TV series
  • Jakecharacter in the Ape Escape video game series
  • Jakedog in video game "Dog's Life"
  • Jake Fischercharacter in movie "The Guardian"
  • Jake Berensoncharacter in the Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate
  • Jacob P. "Jake" Spidermonkeymain character in animated series "My Gym Partner's a Monkey"
  • Jakecharacter in 2003 movie "Freaky Friday"
  • Jake Chamberscharacter in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series
  • Jake Bakercharacter in movie "Cheaper by the Dozen"
  • Jake Martincharacter on American soap "All My Children"
  • Jake Martincharacter on TV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
  • Jake Greenmain character on TV's "Jericho"
  • Jake Tuckerboy with an upside,down face on TV's "Family Guy"
  • JakeKarate teacher on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"
  • Jake Jagielskiminor character in "One Tree Hill"
  • Jake Brockmancharacter on TV show 'Outnumbered'
  • Jakecharacter in Erin Hunter's book series "Warriors"
  • Jake Simmonscharacter on TV's "The Flash" and "Arrow"
  • Jake Crossleycharacter on TV's "Evermoor"
  • Jake Fitzgeralda character on MTV's "Scream: The TV Series"
  • Jacob "Jake" Rosaticharacter on MTV's "Awkward."
  • Jake Saltcharacter on TV's "Famous in Love"
  • "Jake 2.0" TV series and main character
  • "Jake the Peg" song by Rolf Harris
  • Less than JakeAmerican rock band
  • Jake Griffinminor character on "The 100"
  • Cactus Jakecharacter in the cartoon show "Garfield and Friends" based on the Garfield comic strip
  • Jake Siskocharacter on the TV show "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"