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Gender: M Origin of Devon: English place-name Devon's Popularity in 2015: #558

Devon, spelled like the lovely seaside county in Britain that inspired the name, has crashed since its heyday around the Top 100 in the 1990s. Despite its use as a female name, for example for Devon on the TV show The 4400, Devon continues to be far more popular for boys than for girls.

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Famous People Named Devon

Devon Avery, English film director and husband of American author Justine Avery
Devon Kenneth Thomas Bostick, Canadian actor
Devon Wylie, American football player
Devon Still, American football player
Devon Michael Murray, Irish actor
Devon Werkheiser, American actor
Devon Edward Sawa, Canadian actor
Devon Biehn, son of American actor Michael Biehn; twin brother Taylor
Devon Sawa, Canadian actor.

Pop Culture References for the name Devon

Devan, Devonn, Devin, Davon, Daven, Deven, Devawn, Davin, Devyn, Davion, Devaun