5 Letter Boy Names

by Pamela Redmond

Boy names with 5 letters are a populous group, containing some of the top names for boys.

Along with the classic James, the US Top 10 includes three other five letter names for boys: Lucas, Mason, and Logan.

The British Top 10 includes five-letter boy names Harry and Oscar.

The most popular five-letter boy names in Germany are Elias, Jonas, and Felix. Along with Lucas at Number 1, Spain favors Pablo and Mateo, while in France the top five-letter names for boys are Lucas (again!) and Jules.

Other classic boy names that contain five letters include Henry, Jacob, and Peter.

Unique five-letter boy names on the way up include Atlas, Bodhi, Linus, and Urban.

If you’re looking for a five-letter name for your baby boy, here’s our complete collection.