English or Latin
"queen's manor; fith"

Quinton Origin and Meaning

The name Quinton is a boy's name of English origin meaning "queen's manor; fith".

Quinton is among several attractive Q-beginning, n-ending two-syllable names for boys, that also includes Quentin (the most popular iteration) and Quenton. They only suffer from their similarity and possible spelling confusion, ala girls' names Kristin, Kirsten and sisters.

Quinton has slipped a bit in the standings over the past few years but remains an appealing choice. Quinton may be a descendant of the Roman family name Quintus, which means fifth, or may also be an English place-name meaning queen's manor or town.

# 812 in the US

Quinton Rank in US Top 1000

# 1035 on Nameberry

Quinton Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Quinton Popularity

Famous People Named Quinton

  • Quinton AaronAmerican actor
  • Quinton Ramone JacksonAmerican mixed martial artist
  • Quinton Joseph FlynnAmerican voice actor
  • Quinton Arne PattonAmerican football player
  • Quinton McCrackenAmerican baseball player
  • Quinton de KockSouth African cricketer
  • Quinton FortuneSouth African footballer
  • Quinton Kyle CoplesAmerican NFL football player
  • Quinton Anderson Reynoldsson of American actors Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson
  • Quinton Kyle HooverYouTube personality

Quinton in Pop Culture

  • Quinton "Q" Brookscharacter from TV series Moesha