Boy Names Ending in N

by Pamela Redmond

There are more boy names ending in N than in any other letter, with over a third of all names for boys ending with the letter N. The US Top 10 includes no fewer than three boys’ names ending in N: Benjamin, Mason, and Logan.

Along with Benjamin, Mason, and Logan, boys’ names ending in N that make the US Top 50 include Ethan, Aiden, Sebastian, Jackson, John, Jayden, Dylan, And Grayson.

The trend for N-ending boys’ names is not as strong in the UK. Along with the names mentioned above, the top boys’ names that end with N in England and Wales includes Reuben and Jaxon. In Germany, the top N-ending boy name is Ben, followed by Leon and Finn. N-ender Daan is the top boys’ name in The Netherlands.

There’s a boys’ name ending in N to suit every style and taste, classic to modern, widely-used to unique. The N-ending boys’ names we recommend range from the Presidential Lincoln to the Biblical Reuben to the saintly Cassian to the new-fangled Tobin.

N is a last letter that works well with many surnames. It provides a firm demarcation if your last name starts with a vowel, and is compatible with many consonant-starting surnames as well.

The thousands of boys’ names ending in N on Nameberry are collected here.

Top Boy Names Ending in N