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Gender: F Meaning of Charlie: "free man" Origin of Charlie: Diminutive of Charles or Charlotte Charlie's Popularity in 2015: #207

Charlie is one of the friendly, tomboyish male nickname names--another is Sam-- now used almost as frequently for girls: in 2015, it actually ranked higher on the girls list than on the boys list for the first time. The name Charlie, for females, has been jumping up the charts since it reappeared, after a 50-year hibernation, in 2005.

Charlie has been a favorite for starbaby girls, including the twin daughter of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell and the daughter of Julie Chen and Les Moonves. Jeremy Sisto has a hyphenated Charlie-Ballerina.

Famous People Named Charlie

Charlie Barker, English model
Charlie Hancock, Australian actress
Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell (b. 2009), daughter of model Rebecca Romijn and actor Jerry O'Connell
Charlie Ballerina Sisto, daughter of actor Jeremy Sisto
Charlie Grace Thurston (b. 2015), daughter of Johnathan Thurston
Charlie Jean Pagano (b. 2015), daughter of Ralph Pagano
Charlie Faeth Wolfe, daughter of TV personality Mike Wolfe of "American Pickers"
Charlie Mae Annable (b. 2015), daughter of actors Dave and Odette Annable
Charlie Bella Cheney (b. 2006), daughter of singer Chris Cheney of The Living End
Charlie Jo Clawson (b. 2013), daughter of singer Nicolle Galyon and songwriter Rodney Clawson
Charlie Jo Morrow (b. 2012), daughter of actor Joshua Morrow

Pop Culture References for the name Charlie

Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan, from Disney's "Good Luck Charlie"
Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson, a character in NBC's show "Revolution"
Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury, a character from the TV show "Supernatural"
Charlie, a character on "Degrassi"
Catherine "Charlie" Demarco- Character from the TV show "Graceland"

Charlee, Chatty, Charli, Charleigh, Sharli, Sharlie, Charle, Charly, Charley