Spanish Word Names

I took Spanish in high school, but that was so long ago that my ability to speak and understand the language is so poor that on a recent research trip to the country, I was forced to hire a translator and guide.  That didn’t stop me from appreciating the beauty of the language, though, or of thinking what great names some of the Spanish words would make.

So with the help of my translator Isabella, I came up with the following list of Spanish words that might make wonderful names — at least for an American girl.  In Spain, the whole word name thing hasn’t hit yet — and maybe once it does, they’ll prefer the English versions of these words as names.

One note: I’ve excluded here accents that may be authentically Spanish but that don’t work accurately with our database.  And of course a few of these — Alba, Aurora, Blanca — are already used as names.

Words that make pretty Spanish names for girls, with meanings, include:

Alba — dawn

Aleta — wing

Alondra — lark

Alza — rise

Amapola — poppy

Aurora — dawn

Baya — berry

Blanca –white

Cala — cove

Caricia — caress

Cielo — sky (that’s a Spanish sky, pictured)

Cruz — cross

Estrella — star

Flor — flower

Garbo — poise


Joya — jewel

Lago — lake

Leal — loyal

Luna — moon

Luz — light

Marea — tide

Matiz — shade

Mira — sight

Ola — wave

Orilla — shore

Paloma — dove

Perla — pearl

Reina — queen

Sabio — wise

Tierra — country

Vega — plain

Velada — evening

Vida — life

Zafiro — sapphire

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