Diminutive of Alexander
"defending men"

Lex Origin and Meaning

The name Lex is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "defending men".

Cool short form of Alexander, fresher than Alex and less trendy than Xander... for now.

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Lex Popularity

Famous People Named Lex

  • Lex HilliardAmerican football player
  • Lex Banning (19211965), Australian lyric poet
  • Lex Barker (19191973), American actor
  • Lex Davison (19231965), Australian racing driver
  • Lex van Delden (19191988), Dutch composer
  • Lex Gigeroff (c. 19622011), Canadian television writer and actor
  • Lex Goudsmit (19131999), Dutch actor
  • Lex Humphries (19361994), jazz drummer
  • Lex Lang (born 1965)American voice actor
  • Lex LawScottish former footballer
  • Lex Lugerring name of professional wrestler Lawrence Wendell "Larry" Pfohl
  • Lex McLeanScottish comedian
  • Lex SchoenmakerDutch former football player and manager
  • Alexander "Lex" ShrapnelEnglish actor
  • Lex StaleyAmerican radio personality of duo Lex and Terry
  • Lex van den BergheAmerican reality TV personality ("Survivor")
  • Alexis ("Lex") Spyros Niarchos (b. 1991)son of Daphne Guinness and Spyros Niarchos

Lex in Pop Culture

  • Alexander "Lex" Stockhourcharacter in Lauren DeStefano's "The Internment Chronicles"
  • Lex Luthorvillain in the Superman series
  • Lex Marincharacter on TV series "Flight 29 Down"
  • Alexander "Lex" Lexingtonmutant in Marvel Comics
  • Lexcharacter on TV's The Tribe
  • Lexcharacter in the game Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (1996)
  • "Lexx" TV series about a sentient spaceship named Lexx
  • Lex Marinercharacter in The Christmas Invitation by Trisha Ashley