English and Irish from German
"spear strength"

Gerard Origin and Meaning

The name Gerard is a boy's name of English origin meaning "spear strength".

Gerard is currently in style limbo, after reaching peak popularity in the 1950s. With its strong meaning and gentle sound, it may be back in a generation or two. But for now, a boy called Gerard will likely be the only one in his class...unless you live in Catalonia, where it was recently in the Top 10.

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Gerard Popularity

Famous People Named Gerard

  • Gerard Arthur WayAmerican musician, lead singer of rock band My Chemical Romance
  • Gerard James ButlerScottish actor
  • Gérard Xavier Marcel DepardieuFrench actor
  • Gerard Manley HopkinsEnglish poet
  • Gerard PiquéSpanish footballer
  • Gerard DeulofeuSpanish footballer
  • Gerard "Gerry" AdamsIrish politician; president of Sinn Fein
  • Gerard AlessandriniAmerican playwright
  • Gerard McCarthyNorthern Irish actor
  • Gerard DavidDutch painter
  • Gerard Eamonn GreeneNorthern Irish snooker player
  • Gerard of CremonaItalian translater

Gerard in Pop Culture

  • Gerard Pitts from "Dead Poets Society"