Top Baby Names in Netherlands 2018

The classic Julia and Lucas top The Netherlands most popular baby names list for 2018.

Along with Julia, other girl names in the Dutch 25 include Emma, Tess, Sophie, and Milan, Along with Lucas, other Top 25 Dutch boy names include Noah, Levi, and Finn.

Among the Dutch-origin names in the Netherlands’ Top 25 are Fenna, Lotte, and Lieke for girls, and Sem, Mees, and Teun for boys.

Mini-names are common in the Netherlands, with Pip, Fem, and Bo charting for girls, and Cas, Pim, and Jip making the list for boys. Other unique names in the Dutch Top 100 include girl names Philou, Sanne, and Puck, and boy names Boaz, Floris, and Jens.