Best American Boy Names

by Pamela Redmond

American boy names range from place names to hero names to Native American names to boy names with a Western ring.

The top American boy name is Jayden, an invented variation of the Biblical Jadon.

Along with Jayden, American boy names that rank in the US Top 400 include Hudson, Nolan, Easton, Colton, Maverick, Bryson, Jase, Jace, Kayden, and Sawyer.

A little further down the list are Hendrix, Maverick, Dakota, Drake, Holden, Dallas, Austin, Cash, Justice, Lincoln, and Shane. Of course, not all these names are American in origin, but they are used as first names almost exclusively in the US.

Unique American boy names on our recommended list include Booker, Poe, Huck, Jericho, Tennessee, Langston, West, and Hiawatha.

Quintessentially American baby names for boys include the following.
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