All-American Baby Names

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by Pamela Redmond .

American baby names come from a range of sources as diverse as the U.S. itself, including American place names, hero names, and invented names.

The top American baby names are Savannah for girls and Jayden for boys. Along with Savannah and Jayden, other American names ranking in the US Top 100 include Brooklyn, Kennedy, Jace, Maverick, Sawyer, Serenity, and Lincoln.

Some popular All-American names carry a strong American image, such as Liberty or Lincoln. Native American names such as Tallulah and Dakota certainly are in the mix. Names that relate to American places, such as Sierra and Brooklyn, qualify as all-American names, as do names created here and rarely used anywhere else, from Beyonce to Blue.

Names with an all-American image may also be names inspired by American heroes like Lebron and Kennedy or names that evidence American ideals, from Indie to Apple. Here are some of the names with the most distinctly all-American image.

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