Girl Name Origins

Girl name origins are an excellent starting point for any name search. These lists of girl names by origin can be a useful tool if you’re searching for names that signify your ethnic heritage, symbolize a country or a culture that’s meaningful to you, or harmonize well with your surname or other family names. If you want to give your daughter an Irish or a Portuguese name, for instance, you can start with the complete list and then drill deeper on the names that intrigue you.

These lists of girl name origins refer to a name’s linguistic roots, not necessarily names popular or well-used in the corresponding country. On this page we include those origins with significant numbers of girl names in our database.

If you’re looking for names for your baby girl from a more specific culture from Cornish to Yiddish, you can find a complete roster of all our lists here. You might also be interested in searching Boy Names Origins, the full lists of Name Origins, or Popular Names by country.

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