Hebrew/Israeli Names for Girls

See Unique Hebrew/Israeli Names for Girls

Top Hebrew/Israeli Names for Girls

  • Jayla

    Not quite as unusual as it might seem, it first entered the popularity list in 1995, as a possible alternative to the very popular Kayla. In the... Read More 

  • Mariam

    Popular among parents with Arab roots. Also found as Maryam.Read More 

  • Galilea

    Like the masculine form Galileo, Galilea is a variant of Galilee, a region in Northern Israel of great Biblical significance. Given the current popularity of soft Italian Read More 

  • Zariyah

    Zariyah has three possible origins: the Arabic Zara which means flower"; the Hebrew name Azaria, meaning "God has helped"; or the Russian word Zaria which means "sunrise, dawn." Either way, it is... Read More 

  • Hadassah

    This Hebrew name of Queen Esther is well used in Israel (especially for girls born around the holiday of Purim), and in the US is the name of a Zionist women's philanthropic organization. Formerly... Read More 

  • Arely

    Likely a feminised form of Areli (one of Gad’s sons according to Genesis), Arely is a Spanish girls’ name with Hebrew roots meaning "the voice of... Read More 

See Unique Hebrew/Israeli Names for Girls