Arabic variation of Ishmael, Hebrew
"God will hear"

Ismail Origin and Meaning

The name Ismail is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "God will hear".

This classic, handsome Arabic name — cognate of the Hebrew Ishmael — was chosen by Tan and Rob France for their son born in 2021. Ismail is the preferred spelling in England, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey, while Ismael ranks higher in countries with native Spanish speakers, including the US.

Ismail Popularity

Famous People Named Ismail

  • Ismail IIII, Shahs of Iran
  • Ismail Abdel Salam Ahmed Haniyehformer prime minister of Palestine
  • Ismail MatarEmirati footballer
  • Ismail KadareAlbanian novelist
  • Ismaïl AissatiMoroccan footballer
  • Ismail alJazari, Turkish polymath

Ismail in Pop Culture

  • Ismail "Uncle Joe" character in "Does My Head Look Big in This?"