Dog Names

Dog names are as unique these days as baby names. The pressure is on to find the coolest, most original name for your pup, and we can help you find it. Search dog names by popularity, breed, color, letter, personality, origin, meaning, and lots of other qualities, starting on this page.

Popular Dog Names 2022

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What are popular dog names today? The latest data shows the top dog names of 2022, led by classics Bella and Max. There's a lot of crossover between popular dog names and popular baby names, such as choices Luna and Oliver, but more dog-like names make the list as well, including Lady and Moose.

Unique Dog Names

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Unique dog names are short and easy to understand, but far rarer than top choices Bella and Max.

Food names, animal names, and hero names provide great inspiration for uncommon dog names. If you don't want your pup to be one of three Mavericks at the dog park, check out these ideas for more unique dog names.

Try Our Unique Dog Name Generator

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Can't decide on a name for your puppy or dog? Let our dog name generator find the perfect choice for your new pet.

Search Dog Names by Letter

Search dog names by letter using this easy A-Z tool. All the dog names on Nameberry can be found here listed by first letter of the alphabet.

Search Dog Names by Breed

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Need a terrific name for your terrier? Or a nom parfait for your poodle? Search for names by your dog's breed to find a choice tailor-made for your pooch.

Search Dog Names by Color

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The color of your dog's coat can provide inspiration for the perfect name. From names that mean brown like Bruno or Sorrel to the name of a dog famous for its color — Clifford! — here are lists of dog names by color.

Search Dog Names by Personality

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Your pooch's personality may lead you to their perfect name. We have lists for all types of canine personalities, including Badass Dog Names, Country Dog Names, and of course, Cute Dog Names.

Search Dog Names by Origin

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You may want to choose a dog name with a specific origin to reflect your pup's breed heritage — or maybe your own roots! We have lists of dog names from around the world, including Japanese Dog Names (for a Shiba Inu, perhaps?) and Irish Dog Names (a must-have for your Wolfhound or Wheaten Terrier).

Search Dog Names by Meaning

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Dog names with meaning may reflect your pooch's identity or history. A rescue pup may need a name that means new beginning, while an affectionate dog might deserve a name that means love. Browse our lists of dog names by meaning here.

Browse More Lists of Dog Names

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We have endless options of cool dog names in our lists organized by theme, image, and style. Whether you're naming a big dog or one who loves the outdoors, you'll find what you're looking for here.

The Wildest Celebrity Dog Names

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Celebrity dog names are just as weird — maybe even weirder — than celebrity baby names. Find out who named their pooch Boujee and which celebrities named their dogs after each other in this roundup of the 100+ weirdest, wildest celebrity dog names.

Tips for Naming Your Dog

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Finding the right name for your dog should be easy, right? Not always. If you’re having trouble with dog names, follow these tips for how to name your dog:

Keep it short and sweet

The ideal length for a dog name is two syllables. It’s long enough that your pup can hear the inflection in your voice, but short enough that he can understand. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule — you can go up or down by one syllable — but any more than three syllables, and your dog will have trouble learning his name.

Consider nicknames

Speaking of longer dog names, they tend to be nicknamed, which can add to the confusion for your dog. An obvious nickname that comes from the first syllable of your dog’s name — Winnie from Winifred, for example — is fine, but she’ll give you a blank look if you call her Freddie.

Avoid mixups

Think about the common commands you’ll give your dog — sit, stay, no — and avoid names that sound too similar. As much as you love Kit, Shay, or Beau, they may prove too confusing.

Consult the rankings

These days, everyone wants unique dog names. If you don’t want your puppy to be the third Luna in her training class, make sure to check out the list of popular dog names to see how your favorite names stack up.

Inspiration is everywhere

There’s unlimited freedom when it comes to dog names. They can be silly or serious, "real names" or funny words. Find inspiration in pop culture and supermarket shelves, or consider your dog’s traits as a starting point. A name that means small might suit your tiny dog, or subvert expectations and choose a name that means large. Of course, you can check out our Nameberry lists for even more ideas.

Make a choice

Work with your family to narrow down your list and determine which name feels right for your dog. Make sure everyone involved is happy with the decision. If he could, your dog would thank you for such a thoughtfully chosen name.

Expert Advice on Naming Your Dog

Expert Advice on Naming Your Dog

The baby name experts at Nameberry can help you find the perfect dog name. Whether you need one name or an entire litter's worth, private name consulting can help you make a choice you'll love.

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